Self-Mastery in the Golden Age of Aquarius

Dear brother and sister light workers as we awaken into the new Golden Dawn of Aquarius the opportunities to truly shift, transform and truly know and express our true divine nature is higher than ever before. It is hard to put into words just how much potential each person has, but in most cases lightworkers are are only accessing a very low percentage of there true divine gifts, nature, potential. It is important to understand that each us is a multidimensional portal-gateway to infinite possibilities and light. You are a being of the purist light of creation and only a tiny part of this is 3d energy. If you can truly learn to shift into the higher divine states at the same time clearing away any old 3d aspects of the self, your life will simply transform in a very short time. I have been taught over the last 7 years the new practices, meditations and techniques to enable the light workers who are ready right now to truly tap into their higher divine pure energy that is available now. And to take us into the New Golden era of pure Golden love consciousness. These practices and techniques I have been given are to help those who are ready to fully shift into and work with the new pure energies on this planet at this time.  


We are in a time now where it is important to truly master your ability to observe, to connect, shift into a space of higher divine connection and be at one with your higherself, monad, God. It is time to learn to truly transform the ego so it is no longer the one in control, but more an anchor for your higher divine mind (your I Am Presence), your higherself. This is to learn to transcend the mind into your higher mind, and work from the higher mind of pure Golden light consciousness. This is the Christed self.


Your connection to your higherself, monad, God is the key to unlocking your true divine potential and flow as through your higherself all flows.



This workshop has been given to me by my guides to help people connect with their higher divine purpose-I Am Presence energy, embody and align with their 5th dimensional blueprint of the New Golden Dawn that is happening now and divine grace. And to truly master themselves.  This course will completely restructure your divine matrix to one, which connects you to the divine bliss expression of the I Am presence energy and Gods divine grace. In this space anything is possible and we awaken to the infinite miraculous possibilities of all that is. Divine joy is an energy of divine Grace of God’s love. I will teach you techniques, which you will not have been taught before  to use to access states of bliss and awareness, these will both change your life and your connection to the divine within.


What to expect:

-be bathed in the beautiful divine energy of 7 crystal singing bowls.

-work with many beautiful Angels, ascended masters and galactic masters.

-Heal and transmute blockages and limitations currently holding you back.

-learn how to take back your power, forgive and completely let go of your past.

-Be taught how to access the multidimensional chambers of the Heart and Third eye to instantly work with and connect to the 4th, 5th & 7th dimensions.

-learn how to transcend the lower energies of this planet to shift into a place of joy, love and happiness. Through working with your higherself, angels and ascended masters.

-Be taught techniques, which teach you how to overcome negative reactions and patterns currently holding you back and limiting you.

-These techniques you will also take home with you to further develop yourselves.

-learn how to refocus your energy so as to take back your power in any given moment transforming yourself and your life.

-activate and awaken your I Am Presence energy, your pure divine essence.

-activate, upgrade your mer ka ba.

-develop a stronger connection with your guides and higherself, monad, God.

-Activate and awaken your chakras 33 chakras, light bodies and cells to the 4th dimension and above.

-Heal your inner child trauma and blockages to connect to your I Am Presence energy.

-Become a master of the current energy shifts and take your life back.

-connect and work with your blissful I Am Presence energy which is the pure divine form of your inner child.

-Awaken to your highest divine potential.

-align with your higher divine pathway and better understand your purpose here on Earth.

-and much more.

-take home a manual with everything that you have learnt on the workshop.


This amazing course will be held on the 10th & 11th of July 10-6pm online. So you can sit in the comfort of your own home.

The workshop costs £110.