Arcturian Healing Glastonbury

We are living in a very interesting time in which we are all evolving spiritually on this planet. Many of us now are now connecting to and working with the 4th and 5 dimensional energies. As we evolve on this planet so to do healing modalities and practices. Each healing practice comes at the time, which is right for the energy on the planet at this time. Arcturian Healing is a new healing course channelled to me at a time where we can connect to and work with higher divine energies of the divine Mother and Father.  The wonderful Arcturian beings are coming forward to work with us at this time and to take us to the next level of healing on this planet. And we are able to align with and connect to our I Am Presence, this is you’re the highest divine enlightened aspect of who you are. In connecting and working with your divine I Am Presence your divine blueprint/flower of life essence becomes  reactivated and restructured.   

Arcturians are the highest beings that we can work with at this time. They are the Architects of this Universe. Some of the Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim and other advanced beings of light we work with and know of are Arcturians. They come to teach us many things and hold all of the information about this Universe. They are the gate keepers and guardians. Arcturians are 12 dimensional and connect with the 13 dimension of the divine mother and father. However they can appear in lower dimensional frequencies also in need so that we can connect with them. Their energy comes from the central sun of Metatron, this is the connection to the 13 dimensional realm of the divine Father and Mother. This is the highest energetic expression of the flower of life. Arcturians create and work with the crystalline grid that connects all things in the Universe. They create the framework in which the Universe works and ascends. 


Those who come on the workshop will connect with and work with their own Flower of Life, divine blueprint of who they are. Not only that will bring through the energy of the flower of life energy for the healing of Others. So they will bring In the pure divine source light energy of each persons divine blueprint and so will also be able to understand exactly what needs to be healed and what this person should be doing on their pathway.

What to expect from the course:

-Be bathed in the wonderful energy of 7 crystal singing bowls each day.  

-Receive 3 attunements & 12 initiations given by the Arcturian Higher council. -Be attuned to the frequency of the Arcturians and your divine flower of life energy.

-Have your energy restructured so your focus is from the heart and radiate love.

-activate within you your gifts, knowledge and wisdom from previous lives.  

-experience a divine bliss union with the divine creator and your I am Presence.

-become a vessel and channel for the Arcturian healing energy.

-activate and awaken your Divine I am Presence energy.

-Learn about the new way of miracle manifesting and healing from the heart.-develop a deeper loving bond with yourself, inner child and higherself.

-feel happier and experience a sense of oneness.

-heal the trauma and past life karma from years of persecution, allowing you to connect to higherself and the divine creation energy.

-connect with your higherself and divine creator and experience a feeling of completeness.

-activate each of the your chakras and light bodies to the frequency of the flower of life.

-open up to and become a vessel and a channel of the 7th dimensional manifestation energy.

-be taught to the powerful techniques to manifesting In the 7th dimension, a space of miracles and instant manifestation.

-Have energy restored and activated to its original source code blueprint.

-activate your divine blueprint, divine I am presence.

-feel a deep and strong connection to your monad.

-activate your Mer Ka Ba and learn how to protect yourself through programming your Mer Ka Ba.


Arcturian healing works to bring you back to your divine source programming and on all levels. It works to recode your DNA. To restore your divine blueprint, your individual Flower of Life essence. They are master healers and at chakra and light body activation and reanimation.  


Level 1 is a 3 day healing course. Over these 3 days you will learn about Arcturians, be attuned by them using sacred geometry.


The first level is all about cellular and energetic reconstruction within the self. And developing your connection to your I Am Presence and your higherself. Also energy management as you will be given various techniques to use to help keep your energy activated and aligned with the new energy that will be assimilated into your energy.


Course dates and location

Hare on the Hill, coursing batch, Glastonbury. A lovely divine space located on the side of the Tor.

The course costs £244 for the 3 days (concessions given)
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Please contact me for details. The course is being on Friday the 24th of April 6pm-9pm and on Saturday and Sunday the 25th & 26th of April  10am-7pm. You receive a manual, certificate, 6 mandalas. 

Please don't hesitate to call if you would like anymore information. Contact details:
Scott Grant