Radio Shows and Articles

                                       Pyramid One Radio Show USA


Here is a wonderful radio interview I did with the lovely and talented Karen Neumann on All About Oneness. I hope you enjoy the interview, which was about sound healing, balancing the divine masculine and feminine and Arcturian healing.

Chi-Time radio show with the very lovely Clara Apollo in the UK 

On the show I talk about sound healing and the positive affects it has on healing the body, mind and soul.

Radio Show with lovely Les Jensen on Human Living radio based in the USA.

During the show I talk about Diamond and Autistic Children, the Crystalline Grid, Dimensional Shifts, and break down of the ego. The new light children being born are known as Diamond Children, who come to Earth with no karma and connect to the higher divine crystalline matrix from Atlantis. They are here to redress the balance of light and dark and to help lift this planet to its 4th and 5th dimensional divine matrix frequency.

The Galactic Federation of Light are the beings who have worked together to create the structure and energetic framework (crystalline grid of Atlantis). They include Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master Thoth, Sirians, Pleiadeans and many other star and galactic masters from around this Universe. There has not been a shift like this since the time of Atlantis and this is all in preparation for us to connect with the fully operational crystalline grid of Atlantis. Tune in so that you too can learn how to maximize this great shift, and connect and work with a gateway that will connect us to our past lives, gifts, knowledge and wisdom from Atlantis.

Here is article on sound healing for the Spiritual Wisdom Magazine.