Interdimensional Healing 

Welcome to the of Interdimensional Healing. 
On this page you will be able to out what Interdimensional healing is and how it can help you and your loved ones.

What is Interdimensional healing?

A form of healing that works to bring the body, mind and soul into  divine balance and harmony on all levels.  We are all
multidimensional beings. Meaning we exist and work in many different dimensions at any one time. This is why any healing you have needs to be able to heal on all of  these levels. At times for this to happen you or the person healing you needs to identify what is currently holding you back. So this problem can be released and healed.  

Over time healing and the techniques I will you to manage your will create balance and harmony within yourself. Enabling you to connect to the essence of who you are ( higher self and soul) leading to you feeling more connected within yourself and the people around you. Feelings of isolation and separateness comes from not being grounded properly and connected to the higher aspect of yourself. Once you are able to connect and create divine balance on all levels of your being, you  will feel like you belong and are at one with the world around you.  

I am very fortunate that I have worked through many of my blockages, cords of attachment and  past life issues to be at a point where I can really help people to heal and work through their issues. I am not saying I myself heal people I am just a channel of the and that helps with this transformation.  I am very fortunate to work with many of the wonderful beings coming to this planet to help us all to ascend and to connect to the essence of who we are. 

At this time lots of people are going through a spiritual awakening. This at times can be very rewarding and also very frustrating and confusing. Rewarding when we feel we had ascended spiritually and overcome blockages and issues from our past. Confusing, because a few weeks or even days later you find you're battling with the same thing you thought you had dealt with and healed. As we develop spiritually and ascend we to higher levels of spiritual awareness.  You will have to with the same or similar issues to the ones you have just worked through on the previous levels. This happens when you have had these problems when you were at this level before; or you have not dealt with it fully on the previous level. And there is something you really need to learn from this issue. Also,  we are starting to reconnect to our previous lives to bring back the knowledge and wisdom from these lives to use in this one to help ourselves and others with their . What also comes through though is issues from these lives that weren't dealt with. These and other experiences affect how we our reality.  These are known as veils of reality. These are mindsets through which you perceive your reality. For example, most of us at one time or another have been affected by materialism, identifying ourselves through what we own. Then you moved beyond this mindset to realise it  is about being happy with who you are and not what you own. Creating within yourself a new veil of reality. This takes all sorts of adjustments within yourself to accommodate this new mindset. What makes it even more confusing is at times the veil of reality through which you are viewing your life is partly made up of past life issues and cords of attachment. So unless you are very switched on psychically and can feel, see or sense this, it is very hard to release. You will also find at times that you do not recognise what the issue is or that it has been repressed with painful memories so you cannot get at  it your self. Sometimes for an issue to be healed and released fully you have to know what all parts of it are. This is, all of the experiences that make up the issue you are trying to deal with and heal. Then and only then will you truly be able to let go of these issues and move forward in your life. 

How can it help you?
The healing will help you in a number of ways:
1.By helping you to understand what it is you need to work on within yourself. Healing what is now ready to be released; 
2.Helping you to understand yourself better. This is done by highlighting for you the various past and present life influences that have shaped and formed who you are; 
3. Help to heal and align your 12 chakras so you will feel balanced and happy in yourself; 
4.Understand and recognise your gifts and how to develop and use them;
5.Giving you techniques to help you manage your energy. 

What happens in a healing session?

This will really depend on whether it is done face to face or by distant healing. If done face to face I will come to you and tune into your energy and channel information from my own and your guides. And tell you whether your chakras and energy is in balance and aligned. My guides will then heal and create an opening within yourself for change.  Afterwards we can then talk about what I received during the healing about you and your energy; or anything else you would like to talk about as well.  
If it is a distance healing I will arrange a time when you can sit and relax and not be disturbed. I will then with the help of my guides tune into you and see what needs to be healed and worked on. My guides will then work to heal and release what they can at that time leaving you feeling lighter and less burdened by whatever is going on in your life. Following that I will send you an email with information about the healing. 

How much does a session cost? 
Healing in person costs-£55.
Distance healing  costs-£55.

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