Sound Healing 1-to-1 Session

Heart Chakra, 12 Chakras CD - Scott Grant
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Bring yourself back into harmony and balance with a sound healing  session. Relax and unwind and allow the soothing energies of the crystal singing bowls and tuning forks cleanse and heal you on all levels. I will tune into your energy and see what needs to be healed and released. What to expect from a healing session:

• To balance your chakras.

• Cleanse your aura. 

• Help heal physical ailments.

• Help heal emotional issues.

• Raise your vibration bringing you closer to your guides and your higherself.

• Help you feel more positive and optimistic in yourself. 

• Create a feeling of oneness.

• Develop your intuition.

• Open up your heart centre.  

• Be given techniques to help you manage your own energy.

 • Find out what is currently holding you back. I currently work in and around the London area.

Each session costs £55.00 (discounts given for those who feel drawn for a session, but can't afford the full price) and lasts about 1 hour. I can also travel to you if need be.   Contact details: Tel-07723313005.