Journey of the sacred divine feminine and masculine


There is a sacred journey that each of us must go on to truly understand ourselves and the true meaning of sacred divine union. This is the journey of awakening the sacred divine feminine and masculine within. For a man to truly understand the feminine aspect of a women a man must first of all understand the feminine energy that is within him. And for a women to truly understand the masculinity of the man must understand the masculine within them, both men and women both have masculine and feminine energy within. It is important to add here that within the right focus and understanding with a partner this can greatly help with this process of understanding and connecting. Being held by your partner both physically and energetically is a very very powerful gift to this journey of understanding, healing and accepting the feminine and masculine within.  

The sacred divine feminine and masculine are the gift from Mother-Father God. They work together perfectly and are the gift of divine creation. If only one aspect is developed you will never truly be whole and create sacred divine union within. Each of us are at a very important part of our divine journey on this planet where it is time for this to truly awaken within each of us. For this to happen it is important that we take responsibility for the part we play in healing the mother/father, partner wounds within. This can be very hard at times, but is totally necessary. Remember you are never truly alone on this journey. You have a team of guides, your higherself and an army of angels ready to assist. I have this part of my journey simply incredible.

The most powerful journey of awakening comes when you truly understand that both men and women are the full embodiment of the sacred divine feminine and masculine. The development of one energy without the other will create lack, loss of creativity and limitation and lack of flow in your life. So many relationships and projects fail due to a fundamental lack of this understanding. If you, as we all do want incredible deep and powerful relationships, whether they are with friends, family or lovers, this has to start within you. Where we have attracted imbalanced and often very damaging partners, this is a very powerful indication of the mother, father, partner wounds within.  This is not to say that we don’t learn so much from these relationships and helps us develop. If we never truly heal these wounds we will continue to attract the same experience time and time again. The depth to which you can love and hold another person’s heart energy, is related to the depth of the relationship you have with your masculine and feminine aspect. True, deep everlasting love comes from within and if you can master this connection within you will never yearn or need to be completed by another. The yearning that each of us have within our hearts to be with another is not based around relationships here in the earth plane, but are about the sacred divine union, merging and embodiment of our higherself. On this journey of the balancing of our these sacred divine energies with the right focus we develop this on that journey.

The journey of self-love and self-realisation is one of self-acceptance and starts with the journey of self-love and acceptance and ends with the full realisation that we are already whole, and we need to shift across to that sacred divine alignment with our higherself.     

I send out much love to all my wonderful divine sisters and divine brothers. This is your time to truly understand who you are and why you are here. And this journey truly starts within. Good luck on your blessed journey.