Intergalactic Reading

Learn about where you are originally from in the Universe. This is a very unique time for spiritual development. Beings are incarnating on this planet from all over the Universe just for the chance to be here at this special time. Beings from the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda, Neptune, and many other parts of the Universe are coming to this planet to advance themselves at this special time.

What you will expect from this reading:

  • To find out where you are from.

  • Introduced to beings from your home.

  • Be healed as I do the reading.

  • Aligned to their energies so you will find it easier to connect.

  • I will also look at your energy and tell you how it is working at this time.

  • I will give you techniques to help you better connect and to help develop yourself.

  • What the purpose was of you coming here at this time.


These readings are done by Skype or over the phone. Each session costs £55.00 (discounts given for those who feel drawn for a session, but can't afford the full price) and lasts about 1 hour. I can also travel to you if need be.  If you are interested you can purchase a session below. You can also contact me for more details and availability with the details below. I do the reading on Skype or telephone and is 1 hour long.