The I Am Presence and the Sacred Divine Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine


As a child I grew up in a family, which I wouldn’t say was strongly religious, but when I was a child I used to go to catholic Sunday school. I found it to be very boring and looked forward to when it finished as we would then play table tennis and get free fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and crisps. I did however remember some of the old ideology and in particular the divine trinity. I also remember feeling very uncomfortable in the energy and it felt very stuck. In my teens I also ended up going to a school called the holy trinity. It is very interesting that this is something I am now being taught by Mother-Father God, which explains what this truly means moving away from the repression of the feminine in the Catholic doctrine.


The Divine Trinity and the true meaning of the word God

In the original doctrine the divine trinity was the father, son and Holy ghost, with no mention of the feminine. Now later on we realise that the holy ghost means feminine. To put the divine trinity in the form it was supposed to be would be inner child (I Am Presence) Mother-Father God, the divine feminine (alpha) and masculine (alpha).

Now at this point it is important to Understand the word God in its original meaning was from ancient Germanic word Ghodh, which means sacred Union or sexual union.


What is the I Am Presence?

So why is it important to understand the divine trinity and why is it relevant now? At no other time in thousands of years have we been able to connect more clearly with the divine creation energy of the divine mother-father. And also our pure divine spark, our I Am Presence. The term the I Am Presence is a relatively new one to most people and so I will explain what it is. It is your original divine form when you were created at your divine birth. It is like the bar code on lettuce, it contains all of the information about who you are. We have all heard of the term your inner child, well your inner child at its purest form is the divine I Am Presence. It is also the gateway to your soul. Only through the transforming of your ego/shadow aspect can you ever truly embody your soul essence. The reason we have to go on the journey of working through our inner traumas and issues from our various experiences it to allow for us to connect with this within, to merge and become one with our true divine essence. Only through this connection will you truly know who you are. True divine union with Ghodh only happens when we merge and become one with our I AM Presence. The I Am presence starts at the 7th dimension, which is also the lower dimension of the angels. This all starts though with the journey of self-love, to create the divine union within.


Both men and women are made of the divine feminine and masculine energies

There are a number of levels at which we can experience divine union the first level is self-love. Whether you are a women or a man the sacred divine union within is caused by the perfect divine balancing of the divine feminine and masculine energies within. And yes both males and females are made up of both the masculine and feminine energies. If you wasn’t your brain wouldn’t have two sides, it would only have the right (feminine) creativity for the women and left (masculine) logic for the man. If you do have problems with the term masculine or feminine this is normally a sign that there is some work to be done with your past experiences with the being who represented the masculine or feminine in your lives. Even though we may talk of the divine mother and father, this really is one energy and the feminine and masculine energies are another term for the alpha (beginning) and Omega (end) creation energy.


What is the divine light of Creation and why is this relevant now?

Each one of us are divine creators in our own right. Bestowed upon each of us are the gifts to create at will that which we choose, focus on. The divine light of creation is the combination of both the Alpha and Omega energies, mentioned before the beginning and the end, the perfect cycle. Interestingly Alpha is the first letter in the Greek Alphabet and Omega is the last letter. This part is very important especially for those having trouble manifesting. If you do not get the balance right between the feminine, this is the ideas, the creativity, the inspiration and the masculine, which is the logical application of the ideas, the bringing the ideas and concepts into something physically tangible, you will find that your work projects will never get to their final stages. Another important thing to remember my wonderful brother and sister light workers we are now working with the with the 5th dimension when it comes to manifesting and so to manifest you have to be working from a place of love. So it is important to master the ability to work from a place of love with everything you do.

Obviously at this point you will now have an understanding of why the balancing of the divine feminine and masculine is so important, for one without the other will only give you half the ability to be the very powerful divine creators that you are.

Divine trinity merging and becoming one.


As previously mentioned the divine trinity is the connecting/merging of the inner child and the divine mother and father energies. This can of course be done at a number of stages the highest one in physical form is with the 7th dimension. For this you have to learn to access the higher dimensional spaces of the heart as the physical body will only ever get to the 5th dimension physically. Past the 5th dimension it ceases to be a body of matter and becomes pure energy instead. The divine trinity is the Ultimate goal for each of you looking to truly know who we are. The first stages are self-love, which is the 4th dimension-the healing of the wounds from our relationships with the various masculine and feminine influences in our lives, mother, father, brother, sister and so forth. This allows for you truly accept the divine masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, without past relationships limiting the ability to create the sacred Union within. The next stage is merging with your higherself/God. This brings to the surface any past and represent life traumas and issues to do with your relationship with God. And trust me there will be a few. All the while you are doing this you develop and deeper, grounding and loving bond connection to your self/inner child at the various levels the 4th self-love, this enables you to really anchor the higher divine energies fully into your body.


I have been on the most amazing journey to understand who I am through the connection and merging to my I Am Presence and Mother-Father God. I have been lucky enough to have now the gifts, knowledge, practices and wisdom to help those who are truly ready to experience and understand who they are and why they are here. If you would like to go on this journey with me please contact me.