Peace and Serenity CD

This is a wonderful CD that I composed myself. while making this CD I asked the Angel's to infuse their energy into the music. To make the music both beautiful, spiritual, angelic, peaceful and loving. The music is relaxing taking you away from your everyday trials and tribulations. Bringing into you divine love, divine source light, divine peace, soul love, divine tranquillity and beautiful angelic energy. 


There are 4 tracks on the CD:

  • Divine Peace.

  • Angelic Voices.

  • Soul Love.

  • Divine Source.

You can listen to this CD as often as you like. Anywhere and at any time. It will always to you to a place of divine peace and calm.  I hope you enjoy the CD as much as I enjoyed making it.


CD prices:

Peace & Serenity CD UK + P&P £13.00.




Peace & Serenity CD Europe + P&P £14.00.




Peace & Serenity CD Inernational + P&P £15.00.




Peace & Serenity CD Download £8.00.




Here are two of the tracks to listen to before you buy:

  • Angelic Voices.

  • Divine Peace.


Angel Voices - Peace & Serenity CD
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Divine Source Light - Peace & Serenity CD
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