The Golden Age new Dawn workshop

Exciting times! February 2021 heralds in the planetary alignment of Venus and the Sun into Aquarius. This brings Venus, the planet of love, into Aquarius and, also the Sun into Aquarius, opening us to connect and anchor to divine love and to also be guided on how to take action to share this love with humanity.

Join myself and Scott Grant for a day full of anchoring to the Christ Activation Grid. It is a special journey to awaken to our higher divine nature within the Age of Aquarius. As we awaken into the ‘new dawn’ of spiritual awareness and understanding, it is important for us to be truly prepared for this experience. We have been guided to prepare this workshop for all those looking to fully embrace all that the New Age of Aquarius has to offer.

What does the Age of Aquarius mean for each of us? 

With the full anchoring of this light, it presents each of us with the opportunity to fully anchor our higher divine light, our I Am Presence, to become at one with our higher self. This is the key to unlocking our higher divine potential, gifts, and divine flow.

The Celestial grid of Christ Consciousness is being anchored deeply into the Crystalline Heart of Gaia and to each of us. Our three-fold flame and our pineal gland (Crown chakra) are being activated within the crystalline matrix at a higher level. We are invited to access the void - the Great Cosmic Pool of Energy, and the Human Divine Blueprint.  We are asked to have faith to access your true light as a creative force in the world.

Today our Higher Beings are bringing us the 12 Steps to Anchor the Dawning of the New Golden Age into our consciousness. This journey is complimented with the pure energy of crystal singing bowls and beautiful music to truly awaken and support you as you shift into a new paradigm of experience and understanding:

Step 1   Anchor in the Divine Love of Self-love.

Step 2   Anchor to Divine Fulfilment - Healing of the Pineal Gland.

Step 3   Anchor to Divine Peace - Healing of your Sacred Heart Flame.

Step 4   Anchor to Divine Communication - Creation of the Divine flow of energy.

Step 5   Anchor to Divine Action - Anchor the marriage between Heaven and Earth.

Step 6   Anchor to Divine Love - Anchor the Divine Seeds of Christ’s light.

Step 7   Anchor to Divine Truth - Anchor the three-fold flame within your sacred heart.

Step 8   Anchor Divine Abundance - Anchor the powerful Christ light and Mary Magdalene PortalStep 9   Anchor Divine Creation, Anchor Divine Tranquillity,        

Step 9 St Germain-Anchor Divine I AM light - Invoke St   to Balance the three-fold flame within

Step 10 Anchor the Goddess Kundalini.

Step 11 Anchor to Divine Connectedness - Anchor to the Temple of Truth

Step 12 Anchor Divine Oneness .

The cost of this workshop is £55. This workshop is being held on two occasions in February. 

This wonderful workshop is being held as a full day workshop on the 13th of February 10.00-17.00.  And then again in two parts on the 15th & 17th of February 18.00-21.30. This is being done so that any lightworkers who live in different time zones are able to attend the course also. 

13th of February 10.00-17.00 payment button. 

February 15th 18.00-21.30 & 17th  18.00-21.30 of two part workshop payment button.