Divine Awakening of the I Am Presence with the Arcturians- guided meditations CDs course

Divine Awakening of the I Am Presence with the Arcturians- guided meditations CDs course

Be taken on a guided Journey with Arcturian Higher Council to experience the bliss of profound divine insights of your I Am Presence. Awaken within the pure light of source to understand who you are and why you are here, and to align with your higherself and higher divine pathway.
What to expect from the course:
-Be bathed in the wonderful energy of 12 crystal singing bowls.

-Be attuned to the frequency of the Arcturians and your divine flower of life energy.
- Divine alignment to your higher divine pathway-Knowing who you are and why you are here?
-become a channel of the divine love and light of Mother/Father God.
-to further activate your I Am Presence, your pure original divine spark in each of your chakras, lightbodies, cells and DNA.
- Sacred Divine Union-experience the sacred divine union of the Mother-Father God and the pure light of your inner child within, to experience what true joy and bliss is.
-The great Central Sun/Helios-connect with and strengthen your alignment and connection to the Great Central Sun and Helios so that you will start to really hold and embody this pure divine source light.
-Sacred heart-merge and become one with the pure heart of Mother-Father God
-Have your energy restructured so your focus is from the heart and radiate love.
-activate within you your gifts, knowledge and wisdom from previous lives.
-experience a divine bliss union with the divine creator and your I am Presence.
-activate and awaken your Divine I am Presence energy.
-Learn about the new way of miracle manifesting and healing from the heart.-develop a deeper loving bond with yourself, inner child and higherself.
-feel happier and experience a sense of oneness.
-heal the trauma and past life karma from years of persecution, allowing you to connect to higherself and the divine creation energy.
-connect with your higherself and divine creator and experience a feeling of completeness.
-activate each of the your chakras and light bodies to the frequency of the flower of life.
-open up to and become a vessel and a channel of the 7th dimensional manifestation energy.

The course has 14 downloadable CDs, 7 guided and 7 with crystal singing bowls and music. Each of the 7 guided and 7 without voice are both coded with the same pure source light codes as the 7 that are guided. The 7 without any voice are for people who when they know where they are going in the 7 guided CDs can then just go there on their own and loose themselves in the crystal singing bowls and music version of the guided CD. Each of the CDs acts as a gateway, which transports you to connect with the pure light of source-I Am Presence, The Arcturians higher council. Mother-Father God & your higherself. The energy of this course is incredibly powerful and is life changing if used consistently. You listen to each of the CDs for 7 days. So one full journey of the CDs is 7 weeks and then you start again. Each time it will take you on a more profound and deep journey to connect and merge with your I Am Presence.

The course costs £77 and also comes with a PDF with information about The Arcturian Higher council and their purpose here on this planet at this time.

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