Divine Awakening of the I Am Presence with the Arcturians- guided meditations CDs course

It is my privilege and honour to be bringing you this wonderful healing course. Arcturians are the highest beings that we can work with at this time. They are masters of healing, reanimation, activation, reconstructing our divine blueprint/I Am Presence and the Architects of this Galaxy. Some of the Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim and other advanced beings of light we work with and know of are Arcturians. Arcturians create and work with the crystalline grid that connects all things in the Universe. 

What to expect from the course:
-Be bathed in the wonderful energy of 12 crystal singing bowls. 
-Be attuned to the frequency of the Arcturians and your divine flower of life energy.
-Have your energy restructured so your focus is from the heart and radiate love.
-activate within you your gifts, knowledge and wisdom from previous lives. 
-experience a divine bliss union with the divine creator and your I am Presence. 
-become a vessel and channel for the Arcturian healing energy.
-activate and awaken your Divine I am Presence energy.
-Learn about the new way of miracle manifesting and healing from the heart.-develop a deeper loving bond with yourself, inner child and higherself.
-feel happier and experience a sense of oneness.
-heal the trauma and past life karma from years of persecution, allowing you to connect to higherself and the divine creation energy.
-connect with your higherself and divine creator and experience a feeling of completeness.
-activate each of the your chakras and light bodies to the frequency of the flower of life.
-open up to and become a vessel and a channel of the 7th dimensional manifestation energy. 
-Have energy restored and activated to its original source code blueprint.
-activate your divine blueprint, divine I am presence.
-feel a deep and strong connection to your monad.

_and much much more


14 CDs on the course


There are 14 CDs on the course each one acts as a gateway and portal to connect and work with the Arcturians. There are 7 levels with of ascension made up of 2 CDs for each level. As you listen to Each of the CDs you will be taken on a journey through the sound of crystal bowls to connect to your higher divine self, pathway, the 12 Arcturian higher council and Mother/Father God.

The 7 guided meditations CD

CD 1 Awakening the I Am

In CD1 you go on a journey to further develop your higher divine connection to your I Am Presence, your pure divine spark. You will go through a portal of light created by the Arcturians. This portal of light will take you through to connect with the great Central sun, this is the central point of creation to which all is brought into existence. You will connect to Helios the purest point of source light and love in the Universe.

CD 2- Divine alignment to your higher divine pathway-Knowing who you are and why you are here?

CD2 will take you in a journey with the Arcturian Higher council to start or further develop your  understanding of why you are here and who you are. You may not understand this straight away, but this CD starts or further develops that connect and awareness and also opens up your spiritual gifts also. You will once again go through a portal of light to Helios once again where you will be greeted by the Arcturian Higher Council and be taken on a journey.

CD 3- Opening to channel their higherselves energy

CD3 is a very special journey to connect with and start to channel the energy of your higherself. And also to open up and channel the love and light of God. During this journey each of the chakras and light bodies will be activated and restructured to allow for this to happen..

CD 4-Merging with the Sacred Heart

The next CD takes you on a journey with the Arcturians to merge yourself, your heart with that of the sacred heart of God. This this is the sacred heart from which all love originates, the heart beat of this Universe and beyond. This journey will open up and expand your heart so that you radiate the pure love of God.

CD 5. Sacred Divine Union

This CD takes you on a journey to experience sacred divine union. This is an amazing journey of the awakening of the I Am Presence and the connection of the Divine Inner child with the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies of source. Together these create the divine trinity. A sacred divine union that every person on this planet is at there highest level of development looking to create and experience. This is a returning back to your pure source light alignment, your divine origins.


CD 6-Embodiment and divine alignment with the Great Central Sun

In this CD you will go on a journey to heal and release any issues to do with being a divine creator hear on Earth or anywhere else in this Universe or beyond. This is to enable you to carry this pure divine creation energy. This meditation is for each person is to really clear out any past or present life issues to do with being a divine creator here on Earth. The Great Central Sun is the highest purest energy of creation in any Universe. The point to which everything is brought into existence. And each person on this course Is going to be connecting, merging and working with this energy much more profound manor. As this alignment happens each person goes through a very strong clearing process to allow for the divine alignment to the diamond light of creation comes from the great central sun. So things will come up like trust issues with God due to present and past life experiences. This will include the bringing to the end of some of your ancestral, genetic past or present life patterning to do with manifesting, creating and accepting your higher divine creation energy. This could be shown or felt as a past or present life issue, in any of your lives through out this galaxy and beyond.

CD 7-Sacred Divine Union with the Arcturian Higher Council


In this CD you are taken on a very powerful journey of divine union with the Arcturian higher council. You will receive special initiations from Mother-Father God and the Arcturian higher council. This will strongly anchor within your energy, the higher divine codes of creation, and the of the Universal truths. It will also deepen your connection with Mother-Father God and the Arcturian Higher council. This will be a deep and moving experience for each of you.

Arcturians are the guardians of our galaxy. And the highest beings that we can work with at this time. They are the Architects of our galaxy. Some of the Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim and other advanced beings of light we work with and know of are Arcturians. They come to teach us many things and hold all of the information about this Universe. They are the gate keepers and guardians. Arcturians are 12 dimensional and connect with the 13 dimension of the divine mother and father.

Their energy comes from the central sun of Metatron, this is the connection to the 13 dimensional realm of the divine Father and Mother. This is the highest energetic expression of the flower of life. Arcturians create and work with the crystalline grid that connects all things in the Universe. They create the framework in which the Universe works and ascends. Not everybody can work with their energy directly as it is very strong. This is why there energy is stepped down through various planets and constellations. 

The alignment that each of you will go through will be one that brings you into a very special space of oneness. This is knowing who you are as a being of infinite capacity and understanding of the Universe. And a very strong connection with your Divine I Am Presence.  

It is exciting that through the energy increases on the planet, that each of us depending on your level of ascension, work with  the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional energy. What this means is that it is easier to access not only higher dimensional energies, but also beings. And this is where Arcturians can now connect so much more easily as they don’t have to bring there energy down to match the lower frequencies of the 3rd dimension. It also means that each of us can experience the divine majesty and oneness of Mother/Father God in a deep and profound manner. 

For each person the Arcturians will bring In the pure divine source light energy of each person’s divine blueprint and so will also be able to understand exactly what needs to be healed and what this person should be doing on their pathway. if you take the time to sit and practice developing this connection you will really find that your life will change in a very special way. 

Developing your I Am Presence connection

Each of you will go on a journey to master and strengthen the connection to your divine I Am Presence. Your Divine I Am Presence is your divine spark essence, it is the purest essence of who you are as source light. It is your highest form as a spiritual being of light. Through the various shifts and transformations you will go through you will find that you can connect more easily with your I Am energy. Though this experience you will come to know who you truly are as a divine master of light.  The I am presence is made up of 12 aspects and when we become an ascended master here on the earthly place we embody all of these aspects.  

Each person also receives a PDF about the Arcturians and also techniques to use that will help with the various shifts you will go through.

The CD download course costs £77.77. I only do these in download form at this time. In CD format they cost £99.99.

Arcturian CD download set £77.77.

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