Join myself and Kathy Crosswell for a workshop being held on the 27th of March 10.00am-17.00pm for a powerful journey to Venus and the crystal temples of Atlantis. We are also holding the same workshop over 2 separate days for people who can't make the daytime on the 27th. This will be held on the 29th 6.30pm-9.30pm & 31st 6.30pm-9.30pm of March As the Golden Age of Aquarius is fully anchored here on Earth, we now move into a new paradigm of the awakening of the Golden Christed Self.

The anchoring of the Golden Age of Aquarius presents the world and those on it with a wonderful opportunity to shift into a new experience of being here on Earth. One where the true nature of our beings can be experienced and anchored in the physical plane. Which up until now has been very hard to do due to the energy structure around the planet. As each person awakens into the Golden Age Golden the Sacred template can become awakened, anchored once more into the physical, emotional and mental bodies. The Golden Sacred Template, also known as the Christed self is known as the original divine spark created at your time of creation from the Golden Sacred Heart. Each of us is created from love, pure sacred love. It is at the core of every one of our beings. The last time this was fully awakened and embodied was in Atlantis.

In this very exciting time the Atlantean Crystalline grid once again becomes fully active and switched on once again. This brings down the energy of the Golden Sacred Heart. This is the purest form of love and within this contains our Golden Templates. This workshop will be the first to truly work with this new sacred energy and bring it to all those who are drawn. The true cosmic moment as the Mayans predicted is 2021, rather than 2012. It is easy to see how this could be mixed up due to the numbers being very similar.

Venus is the planet of love, it is the pure Golden aspect of the sacred heart. It was a a planet that brought down the pure light of the sacred heart at the time of Atlantis and once again now. As we move into this very special time here on Earth this is being reactivated to create the same divine energy matrix.

What to expect:
-awaken your Golden Light Codes of Atlantis within.
-journey to crystal temples of Atlantis.
-connect to your Atlantean Heritage.
-connect with your Atlantean self.
-Awaken, activate latent Atlantean gifts.
-receive your Atlantean knowledge and wisdom.
-be bathed in the pure light of 7 crystal singing bowls.
-connect to the Atlantean Council of Light.
-Golden Sacred Heart energy of Venus.
-and much more.

Workshop is being held on the 27th of March 10-5pm. I am also holding this workshop in two parts for those who can't make the 27th of March. It will be on the 29th & 31st of March 6.30pm-9.30pm on both evenings.  

The workshop costs £55.55.


Here is the link to book the 27th of March. 


Here is the link to book for the two part Atlantean workshop on the 29th & 31st of March 6.30pm-9.30pm. 

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