Circle of Love Meditation Recording

Here is the recording for tonights meditation. It was a wonderful and very powerful meditation.

In this meditation we come together as a group to create a circle of love holding the frequency of 144. In this meditation you will also be connecting to the higher hearts of all those in your 144 soul group. This is a very powerful experience. And connecting the pure love of our soul group of 144. We will connect to the sacred heart and through this connection hold our beautiful planet and everything upon her in perfect alignment and balance. We will see our planet golden again. As we hold this vision the Unicorns turn their horns in unison to our Earth and the intensity of pure love burns away global resistance; Archangel Lavender continues to hold the frequency of our planet without malaise; we see the Circle of Love illuminate the crystal pyramids and the dragons creating an arc or protection. We are asked to sit with this energy and open our hearts throughout this process.

Here is the drop box link to listen to online or down load.