Scott has worked, practiced and taught for many years in various healing modalities and practices. It has been a wonderful journey of spiritual growth and self discovery, leading him to be the accomplished teacher and healer he is today.

At the beginning of his spritual development Scott worked with Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell and this led to him working with the wonderful Ascended Masters, Archangels, Arcturians & Star and Galactic beings. This gave him a deep understanding & knowledge of the 12 dimensional energies and the various realms of spiritual existence; and the beings within them. 

Scott has practiced and taught Usui reiki, Angelic reiki, Arcturian Healing,  Sacred Heart healing and magnified healing for many years, which has given him the tools for understanding the chakras and energy systems of the body. This has led to him being able to see energetic blocks that lead to disease in the body. Scott emphasises in his work that identifiying the root cause off illness and blockages is key to the healing process and has the techniques and methods to be able to do this. 

Scott also has a degree in Psychology, this gives him an additional deep understanding of the human psyche and the problems that can occur on a psychological level.  

In addition he has also studied CBT & NLP, which he finds to be wonderful tools in transforming our beliefs and self-limiting belief patterns, and they work with energy medicine and healing techniques. 

For over 20 years he has practiced yoga and meditation and he affirms that this has played a pivotal role in his spiritual and personal development. 


In the past five years Scott has worked with quartz crystal singing bowls, which are an amazing spiritual technology to help us to ascend, He is in awe of the energy these amazing bowls can produce and how they can transform a person on all levels. Crystal singing bowls produce a sound harmonic, which vibrates on the level of the  chakras, energy systems & cells of a person. This energy vibration raises our physical and spiritual energetic vibration so we are able to access higher dimensions of thought and consciousness. This brings to surface any old issues, breaks downs blockages and old thought patterns. In one session and over a weekend course, the transformations you can experience through this technique are quite miraculous.  The sound harmonic created furnishes a link between the physical and higher spiritual, making it very easy for your guides and higherself to heal you and for you to progress past issues you were previously unable to.  

Scott has created 4 CDs so far and the transformations from the CDs are a very powerful addition to the sound baths. Links to these can be found on the 'CD's' tab. 


A note from Scott:
"I feel blessed to work in the way I do. I feel very fortunate to be able to spread love and light at this time to help those struggling with the various challenges on this planet.  
I am very fortunate that I have developed to the point where I can really help others to overcome their issues and blockages and to truly believe in themselves and find their true potential. I have been very fortunate to work with many wonderful people over the past 20 years or so and to gain such valuable experience. I love to work in this way and with my wonderful guides to help people develop spiritually and to assist with their spiritual ascension."


If you are interested in coming to one of the sound baths or workshops or online courses you can look in the events and course page or please feel free to contact me as these are updated regularly;


No one practice is complete, but when you work with them together this makes a complete and holistic spiritual practice and approach for healing".