Inner child-Gateway to your soul, self-love and divine balance


The journey of ascension is one to raise the frequency of your chakras and light-bodies through inner child/shadow work, to heal all traumas and issues within, so you are able to then anchor the energy of your higherself into your physical body. This journey to connect with your inner child is more important than what most people realise. It is important to understand that each of the 12 chakras has 12 levels, and so up until recently we were only working with the lower levels of the 5th dimension. There are also different levesl of the inner child also. The higher divine aspect of your inner child is your soul essence and acts as a gateway to your soul, your inner divine power-source light essence. To truly access the soul within, the various barriers, issues need to be overcome. Only when you have worked through a great deal of your inner issues, can the pure light of your soul energy enter into the body.


Your Inner child is your divine creation flow

So why is it important to understand your inner child? True ascension happens when we able to anchor your higher divine light, your higherself into this physical realm. This can only happen once wee reach a certain point of healing of our trauma and we truly allow ourselves to surrender an let go and we then become the universal flow of all that is. In this states miracles happen in our lives everday. And everyday becomes one of joy, love and creation.


The journey to connect with your inner child starts with self-love and eventually moves to a place of 5th dimensional global oneness through the heart consciousness. Self-love is the 4th dimension and is the key to truly accessing and working with the 5th dimension. To truly connect to and awaken your inner divine power, not ego created power, is through the journey of self-discovery and understanding through working through your past and present life issues.


Now why is this important to understand? To truly ascend we must go deep within. To truly manifest in the new energy of the pure crystalline 5th dimensional energy, we manifest through unconditional love and compassion. The 4th dimension is a gateway through which this flows and if you have not dealt with and healed your various self-love issues and blockages, you will find manifesting in the coming months to be quite tricky. It is through the inner child journey do you connect with the divine source power within. It is also important to understand that your lower 6 chakras are what is known as your physical chakras , these are the chakras through which you bring your ideas and creations to life in the physical realm. Without the development of these lower chakras you will find that your ideas, will very rarely make it past the idea phase.


Both men and women are both structured from the divine energies of source alpha and omega, divine feminine and masculine. Please do not confuse divine masculine and feminine as the same as what we have come to know the drama of the 3rd dimensional masculine and feminine. It is important for both men and women to embrace their divine masculine and feminine aspects, if they are to truly experience oneness within themselves, and divine balance is to be achieved. The feminine is the ideas, the creation. The masculine is the energy that takes the ideas and makes them into a tangible physical reality. Together they create divine harmony.


Feeling at home on this planet and any where else, comes from feeling connected and at one with yourself. Many of my wonderful brothers and sisters feel very lost and don't feel like they belong here on this planet. I promise you if you develop this divine connection and balance within that will all change for you.


A lot of the people on this planet now have ascended to a place where they are now working and connecting in some way physically with the 5th dimension. What this means is with regards to the creation process, is that you are now working with the 5th dimensional manifestation process. This means that it is important to learn how to work with and develop a deeper loving bond with your inner-child and to create the perfect balance of divine masculine and feminine within. This opens you up to receive all that the Universe/Divine Source has to offer.

We are moving very close to an era whereby we are going to move to a state of global oneness through a heart consciousness, this journey starts with the relationship within. Need, lack, desire through fear, want, they all stem from an unfulfilled relationship with ourselves, but not just the physical you, but the inner divine you.

I share this now with you my beautiful divine brothers and sisters so that you understand the important of cultivating the inner relationship, as this is the key to your pure divine connection to source and divine joy, happiness and abundance. Your outer world reflects the relationship you have with your innerself. The depth to which you love and allow yourself to be loved is reflected by the depth to which you love yourself. In other words, your relationship you have with yourself reflects the relationship you have in all areas in your life, partners, family, friends and work.

I hope this message finds you well, much love and light to all my wonderful divine brother and sister lightworkers, we are one, blessings.

By Scott Grant