Awakening of the Christ light Golden Dawn Workshop

A message from the Arcturian Higher Council about the Winter Solstice


With much love and divine grace we bring this message to you at this time of great change and higher spiritual shifts. 2021 is the preparation for the real start of the early stages of the Golden Age. This Winter Solstice is particularly special as the Christ light, Golden Age energy shifts into its purest form on this planet for 1000s of years. This will see the awakening of the 5th dimensional Golden Heart template on this planet. This awakening starts the first stage of the embodiment and awakening of the 5th dimensional frequency of love through oneness. It will see a surge in heart awakenings and healings, which will lead for many to become more loving and kind with this energy resonating from within as opposed to the practice of being more loving, kind and compassionate. Those who are ready will become the natural flow and embodiment of diving love. This solstice could be called awakening into 5th dimensional love.


It is the dawn of the awakening embodiment of the Golden Inner child. The Golden inner child is the higher divine template of inner divine child, the seed of creation within. It is the pure spark of creation of your Divine I Am presence. It is the seed to all life of purity and divinity. Within the Divine I Am Presence is the Seed (the beginning, the start of life), The Tree of life (the journey of development, growing experiencing) and the Flower of Life (The highest outcome, the fruitful outcome of the journey).


Humanity is at a very early stage of its spiritual evolution as far as the Golden Age of Aquarius is concerned. Even those who have developed and worked with the higher energies shifts and guides, are still very early in this journey. The real anchoring of the Golden Inner Child starts the journey back to the Golden Light of Christos, to the pure spark as creation as realised through the creation process. It is a magnificent state to reach, even in the early stages for what it presents and shows for humanity. It shows that humanity are on the pinnacle of the biggest shift in consciousness for a very very long time. It connects them to the pure spark of creation. So that the purest light of creation will be working through them at a level of embodied consciousness and awareness. Even though it is thought that this has already happened it could not have as humanity hadn’t reached this level of spiritual evolution. In this state you are pure creation energy, you are pure beings of creation with the infinite, embodied aspect of creation like that of God. This is different to what any of you have experienced so far, it feels pure, connected, divinely ordained, divinely guided and is pure source light.


From this what you can create, achieve, do, is on another level like that of the Atlanteans. It is not easy for us to compare this to anything that you have yet experienced, as there is nothing to compare it against. You may have had momentary glimmers in moments of higher connection though meditation, workshops, that were just as quickly is diminished by your mind trying to control and understand the experience. This shifts beyond your conscious understanding and awareness of your egoic mind. To that of the higher mind. To a level of pure consciousness that is higher than any aspect of yourself fully embodied right now. It will take time a practice, to master this. Just because you are shifting into this new era of higher conscious awareness doesn’t mean it happens automatically. But for those who are ready to make that shift, to release what is in the way of this experience, great things await. As you each are presented with this new higher experience of conciousness it is going to take a level of mastery, that is going to take self mastery, dedicated practice each day, an understanding of the ego and how the egoic mind works, and recreates itself to match your highest aspirations, your new spiritual identities. The egoic mind is the biggest obstacle for every human on this earth to shifting into that state of oneness with your higherself, Monad, God. And only through understanding not only how it works, but how to transcend this will you truly make this shift to the next level of conscious evolution.


The journey that lies ahead of each of you is beautiful, profound and an incredibly powerful one. It all starts with that dedicated, daily practice in silence with the focus of connecting to your divine essence, higherself, monad. In this silent state miracles will happen. Not at first for most of you, but given time and practice the rewards will change your whole experience of reality and your understanding and connection to your higherself.


We leave you now, it truly is the time now to really take this next stage in evolution seriously, through this focus and awareness you will create great change on this planet. Each of you are Gods incarnate with gifts beyond that, which right now you could imagine. But when you quiten the mind, and allow for your pure light to flow through you unhindered you will truly know the sacred experience of the embodiment of divine grace. It is that which you all yearn for, feel something is lacking or mising because it is not there, feel empty and unfulfilled in all areas of your life. The key to true happiness is in the higher alignment and connection to your divinity.


Awakening of the Christ light Golden Dawn Workshop

Winter Solstice workshop 21st and 23rd of December 6.30pm-9.30pm


This will a deep journey of connecting with your I Am Presence. One which will create the most wonderful shift and connection with your higherself & Monad. Each person will be taken on a journey to connect with and merge with their Seed of creation, there Golden Divine child. This is the creative spark that underlies our divine existence. Each person will connect with their original divine spark, their soul essence. It will be a wonderful journey of coming home to their pure divine nature. This is a journey back to sacred divine union within that will lead to each person opening up and aligning with the powerful energies coming in on the 21st that continue to increase for the special opportunities that will present themselves in 2022. We have never seen such a powerful shift on this date or what will develop in 2022. It really is a very special year of the purest divine energies of creation coming in.


As we move into the purest energy of creation created by these new energy transmissions, divine connections, shifts and alignments that will see 2022 a year of the most profound miracles that we ever seen. This is not just on a personal level, but also globally also. It will create the most powerful awakening on this planet there has been since Atlantis.  


Each person will be:

-bathed in the wonderful energies of crystal singing bowls.

-Connect to and work and develop a profound connect their higherself, monad-I am Presence.

-work with Archangels, Ascended masters, Star and Galactic beings and Mother-Father God.

connect more strongly with your higherself, monad and God.

-Experince the grounding of the 5th dimensional Golden Heart template.

-connect with your sacred starseed lineage.

-shift closer to or for some of you into the 5th, 6th & 7th dimensional higher alignments and connections.

-heal deep innerchild issues.

-heal physical ailments.

-heal past and present life trauma and issues.

-heal ancestral patterning, parental imprints.

-remove ego structures, frameworks, patterns and templates.

-and much much more.


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