The painful journey of birthing divine gifts for humanity


I have been guided by my guides to discuss this very interesting ascension symptom that many are experiencing at this time.

I have been asked on a number of occasions by my female clients why they are having pains and problems in their stomach/womb area. As many women are awakening at this time, many are experiencing pain in their wombs. A number of my female clients have come to me experiencing this and this is what I have been shown. This process for some women is to do with them birthing new gifts, ideas, and projects through their own bodies. Part of the spiritual journey for some women is to birth new ideas and new projects for humanity, in this process some women will experience pain, and discomfort. Not to the same extreme as being pregnant, but painful and uncomfortable all the same. This can take a number of days, weeks or even months for some.

For those of you who are going through this process it is a wonderful and very special process where you are a vessel for a divine gift to humanity. You will also experience some clearing as this happens due to the high energy of the divine gift you may be carrying. This is the prepare you for the journey ahead. So you may purge and go through a very deep clearing process. So the process acts also to clear you out to be able to carry such a gift, project, energy, idea into the world. It is a very special and great honour to birth a divine gift for humanity and to bring the light of the divine, which comes with it.

It will also awaken you spiritually and help develop your gifts and divine connection. It is hard to say what gifts people will birth as it can vary from person to person depending on what their pathways are. If you are going through this process and are unsure as to what you are birthing you can simply be patient and wait to see what it is or find a teacher who is gifted in this area to help you better understand what it is you are carrying and how best to deal with the birthing process.

Can Men experience this?

Yes men can experience this even though they haven’t got wombs they can still birth an idea and the journey of birthing a gift for humanity can also be painful, a deep process of healing and purging.

How can this process be made easier?

This process can be made easier by working on any blockages and issues that you may have. Any inner child issues, past life issues, which are in some way limiting or holding up your spiritual growth and development. Why this is important is that if you are avoiding working on whatever resistance you have to really being open to and in the perfect alignment with any divine gifts you are brithing, will limit and hold up the process and so will prolong the birthing process leading to tiredness, anxiety, ddepression and many other negative states of being.

The energy on the planet is increasing exponentially and so our ascension symptoms will increase if we don't learn how to manage our energies and keep our energy high and in alignment with the higher divine light we are all now able to work with and channel.

Much love and light to all my divine brothers and sisters, Scott Grant