Online Advanced Channelling 8 week Course

Join us for a wonderful journey to develop your higher Channelling ability and your higher psychic gifts. I have been teaching and developing for over 20 years various healing modalities. I have been running workshops and courses to help people develop their spiritual gifts for many years. So I have many tools and have developed my psychic gifts to a very high level. Each person has certain gifts that are specific to them, so I will help you further develop the gifts you naturally have and also the gifts you need to be proactive with.


You can expect to on this course:

 -be taught techniques and practices that I have been given to me at this very important time in our history to develop your gifts to an advanced level.

-develop your psychic vision, clairaudience, knowing and also melding.

-work with and develop a stronger link to your guides and higherself.

-work with the 12 councils of light to develop your higher channelling ability and psychic gifts.

-learn about your spiritual higher gifts.

-learn who is working with you at this time.

-build your confidence and feel empowered to really move forward along your divine pathway.

-meet and work with the various Ascended masters, Angels, Sirians, Pleiadians and other masters of the light working with this planet at this time.

-develop a stronger bond and understanding of Lady Gaia.

-receive a healing and guidance each week of the course and be given tools to use to help you develop your gifts.

-go to the etheric retreats and planets of the masters of light and angels working with this plane at this time.

-and much much more.


This is an 8 week course starting on Tuesday the 15th January 7pm-10pm- every other Tuesday the 24th of May. It is £244 for the 8 weeks. If you need anymore information please contact me on


Course costs £244 (concessions made).