I feel honoured to be working with the High Council of Atlantis and to have been guided to create the codes of Atlantis CD set course. It has been a powerful and transformational journey for me learning to work with the crystal codes and the High Council of Atlantis



At the height of Atlantis those high priests & Priestesses and Priest and Priestesses had a 5th dimensional body and 7th dimensional energy system. This meant that they had a pure connection to Lady Gaia and Mother-Father God and the crystalline grid. Their divine matrices contained divine codes and was structured to that of a pure crystalline frequency of the Divine I Am presence.



These CDs are specially created to help merge and assimilate these codes back into your divine matrix and restructure your divine matrix back to its crystalline form in Atlantis, ready for the Golden Age we are working towards here on Earth at this time.



On this journey each person will once again be able to connect and work with the great crystal pyramid of Atlantis, connect to their knowledge and develop the gifts they had in Atlantis. Each of the 5 CDs in the set are made of a combination of crystal singing bowls. Within each CD is the crystal codes of Atlantis. Each CD acts as a gateway-portal to connect you to the great crystal pyramid, Thoth, The Angels of Atlantis, the Galactic Federation of Light and other masters of light at the time. The wonderful and powerful beings will work to completely restructure your divine matrix to that of original divine blueprint.



There are 5 CDs. Each CD is to be used for 7 days. after you have lisened to all 5 over a 5 week period, you then take a 2 week break and start again. During this time you will go on journeys to connect with the various etheric crystals and pyramids of Atlantis. And to connect and work with the Angels and masters of light from that time. During 5 week course you will become purer and reprogrammed to your higher divine pure divine light I Am aspect. Over the period of the 5 weeks you will go through and feel a deep shift within. Through the continued use of the CDs you will go through the most wonderful shifts and transformations.



This 5 CD set is to help bring you back to the connection through universal oneness of the heart and connect with the pure light of the crystalline grid. Through this experience you will truly experience who you are and awaken to your higher divine nature and pathway. You will also experience the pure light of joy, bliss consciousness experienced by those in Atlantis. You will go on a deep a profound healing journey to truly awaken to your pure light consciousness.



Here are the 5 CDs.

CD 1 Heart and soul connection.

CD 2 global oneness through love.

CD 3 pure peace within.

CD 4 Aligning with your crystalline essence and the crystalline grid.

CD 5 Awaken to your I Am presence light of purity and joy.



The 5 CD downloads are £50 and CDs are £50 plus P&P this depends where you are from in the world. With this you also recieve meditations on clearing, grounding, clearance and protection. This is a wonderful investment, which will for yourself be the same as doing a course, which you can do over and over again. To take you to higher and higher levels of spiritual development, awareness and understanding.

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Below is a sample of CD1 to get a feel for the energy of the CD.

Atlantean Crystal Codes  CD   Course set

Atlantis CD 1 - Scott Grant
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