Divine Light Codes of Lemuria CD course set

It has taken me almost 20 years to get to a point of spiritual development where I can connect and clearly channel the knowledge and pure light of the Light Council of Lemuria. I feel honoured and very lucky to be able to work with these wonderful beings. I do plan to hold some workshops in Mt Shasta where the home of Lemuria now is in Telos. This will be around about June.


In Lemuria at its highest time beings were 7 th dimensional beings of light and had the most amazing connection to Lady Gaia, the elementals and to Mother -Father God, Angels and Ascended Masters and the higher divine etheric realms/schools.


The CDs I have created are for light-workers to connect with and assimilate the divine matrix from their life in Lemuria. In Lemurian times each being connected through a crystalline grid/divine matrix, which connected to the pure light of lady Gaia, elementals, Angels and God. It was a time of pure heart bliss consciousness. Their gifts where very advanced and telepathy was common place as they had not body and where of the pure divine consciousness of oneness.


Each person will connect to Telos the underground city where some of the beings from Lemuria now inhabit, which is located in Mount Shasta in California. The light codes, divine structure that you once had in Lemuria will start to be infused into your chakras, light bodies, cells and DNA. Each of your chakras, light bodies, Cells and DNA will be activated to the 4th dimension and above and to the pure light of your Divine I AM Presence. So that you divine matrix evolves to be like that of your life in Lemuria. You will know the joy and the pure love consciousness of this time, and you will once again connect with your knowledge, wisdom and abilities. You will go on a deep and powerful healing journey to connect to the pure crystalline pyramids and Angels, Masters of light who worked with the divine grid at this time.



What is the 5th dimensional blueprint and why this is important now?

5th dimensional blueprint

The 5th dimensional blueprint is your divine map to understanding your higher divine pathway here on Earth. Your 5th dimensional blueprint is stored in Hollow Earth, which is the divine blueprint of our future consciousness of the planet, which will be similar to the golden age of Atlantis and Lemuria. In this age we were 7th dimensional in nature and worked  from a place of oneness through love. There was no separation of sex as we know now man and women. We were the perfect divine balance and form of the divine masculine and feminine energy. Each person on their journey of ascension is looking to once again whether man or women balance out their divine masculine and feminine energy. Both men and women are divine masculine and feminine. And we will only reach the level of oneness and completeness once we are able to master this within ourselves.

Why this particular energy shift is important is that the 7 th dimension brings us back to one with Source and to access what is known as the void. The void is a place where we move beyond our limitations to a place of complete freedom and expansiveness where we have a very clear connection with our higherselves and guides. In this state we also move away from form & structure to formlessness.

The crystalline grid

The various CDs with restructure your energy to that of the  pure energy of the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid is the energy structure created at the time of Atlantis by the God, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Arcturians higher council, Atlantean higher council and the galactic federation of light. This was created using the divine rays and also physical and etheric crystals to create pure crystalline grid of light. This allowed to create a beautiful utopia here on Earth. This is something we are working towards now on this planet. This is why we are going through the ascension process we are going through now.

This CD set is to awaken within each person pure divine tones of Lemuria. Lemuria was a time of purity and divine connection and these set of CDs are created to help with this connection.


Each of the 7 CDs are to be used for 7 days at a time. Each of these CDs will take you on a journey to discover the bliss and wonder of Lemuria and to activate and awaken your chakras, light bodies, cells and DNA to the pure light I AM consciousness of that time. During this time you will go on journeys to connect with the various etheric crystals and pyramids of Lemuria. And to connect and work with the Angels and masters of light from that time. After each complete the 7 weeks I would give yourself a 2 week break to assimilate all of the new codes and energy. On each round you will become purer and reprogrammed to your higher divine pure divine light I Am aspect. Over the period of the 7 weeks you will go through and feel a deep shift within. Through the continued use of the CDs you will go through the most wonderful shifts and transformations.


This 7 CD set is to help bring you back to the connection through universal oneness of the heart and connect with the pure light of the crystalline grid consciousness of source. Through this experience you will truly experience who you are and awaken to your higher divine nature and pathway. You will also experience the pure light of joy, bliss consciousness experienced by those in Lemuria. You will go on a deep a profound healing journey to truly awaken to your pure light consciousness

The 7 CDs are:

CD1 awaken the I Am.

In Lemuria each person was awakened to fully connected to their I Am Presence-this is your pure divine light essence as created at your divine birth. This CD is all about awakening that within you and aligning you with the pure bliss and joy of this energy. 

CD2 purification and connection to your soul essence.

This CD is to strip away any ego layers within and around the body to allow you to connect and work deeply and profoundly with the soul essence.

CD3 accessing the divine light of the great pyramid.

The great pyramid is a cosmic gateway, which allows a person to connect to and access knowledge, wisdom and understanding from the great halls of light. And also reveal within yourself divine truths about yourself and your current and past lives. 

CD4 Heart consciousness expansion.

Heal and open your heart with this wonderful CD and connect to your soul. For us to connect to our soul our heart needs to be healed first. This CD was created to heal the lower physical and higher spiritual aspect of the heart. Through doing this we create a divine bridge, which connects the lower physical chakras with the higher spiritual cones. At this time it is important to create this bridge. Through this connection we are able to fully connect to and heal our soul. When you listen to this CD the Lemurian Council of Light come forward to work with you to heal and open your heart. And to help heal and connect you to your soul energy.

When you listen to this CD the Lemurian Council of Light will come to connect you to the pure love consciousness of global oneness through love in Lemuria. And to bring you back into alignment with the pure heart consciousness of Lemuria. Your divine matrix is restructured and light codes from Lemuria are added. This will take you on a journey of self-discovery, which may mean processing any blockage or issue, which could be in the way of this. 

The CD is a combination of crystal singing bowls. Each one specially picked to create the perfect sound harmonics to heal your heart and soul connection.

It also connects you to the pure love consciousness of oneness in Lemuria.  In Lemuria everyone lives from their hearts and worked more as a we consciousness, rather than the I-individual consciousness in parts of the west. 

This CD is designed to take you on a journey of self development, self love and inner healing.


CD5 Pure joy awakening

For each of us our natural state of being is one of divine joy, bliss, love and abundance. Through the physical journey and since the fall of Atlantis into duality, which is very much the state of the 4th dimensional mind, our ego structured selves have created many barriers preventing this. Joy, love, bliss and abundance, truth and for forth are all frequencies of light, rays of the divines light. They are always there and when we learn how to shift and change our focus and alignment, we are able then to connect with these states all the time.  This CD will help to restructure your energy to allow for you to be infused with these rays of light and awaken the natural state of joy, love, bliss and abundance within.


CD 6 expanded awakening of your Christ light consciousness.

This CD is awaken within you the Christ Light consciousness. The Gold ray of Christ is a combination of many energies all of which work from the divine power of love. With the Gold ray of Christ you feel powerful, and filled with loving, gentle kindness.  The Gold Ray of Christ is the perfect balance of the divine feminine and masculine energy. When you work with this Light it activates the higher aspect of your inner child. Once this is done you can connect with the divine creator through the higher aspect of your inner child. This is very different experience to how you would normally connect with God. Your inner child at this level is a gateway to your soul. And so you can connect to the divine purity of your soul essence. This is deeply divine and soft and loving experience. Your shifts from this will make this a new state of being for you. One which will become a natural state of being over time.



CD 7 Awaken to the divine God light within.

The ultimate goal for each of here on this planet whether we are aware of it or not is to awaken within us the divine light of God, all that is within. In this state we shift to working with our higher divine pathway, the higher will of God and align once again the grace of God.

What is divine grace? It is the free will that is given to us by God to experience our life. It is freedom in action to experience oneself as a divine creator in the likeness of God.  In Grace you are given the power to create your life in the likeness of God. When you truly align with God’s Grace you experience love, joy and bliss in all areas of your life. The energy of grace is one of love, joy and compassion and of being of service to others. This is in the likeness of God and how her energy works. We only experience true grace when we reconnect with our inner divinity and realise our true divine potential.  This is something all Lemurians’ where aligned with in Lemuria. As they connected to a very high and pure divine light.

The purpose of grace is to guide us back to our own divine nature. To be a vessel to and channel of the Grace of God this is joy, love, peace, compassion, power, truth, oneness. In other words we all are all of these traits of God, but we just need to rediscover and in some cases really develop these. When we live graciously we live from a place of kindness, love and compassion.



The CDs never become out of date quite simply because each CD created by the combination of crystal singing bowls are portal/gateway to connecting with and accessing the wisdom, knowledge and gifts from the crystal pyramids and the divine matrix of pure divine consciousness of source. The CDs will take you on a journey to know your true divine self, your divine origins and connect to your higher divine pathway.

You also recieve a manual full of information and practices to use on your journey of ascension with the CDs.

The CD download set costs £70 (concessions made). The actual CD set costs £70 plus P&P.

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