The Sacred Divine Templates-Christos and Sophia workshops

At this time each of us are going through the most powerful shift back to our original divine templates, that is the pure light of
the sacred Christos and Sophia energy the divine Masculine/feminine template. The Christos and Sophie templates are the original divine energies of the divine masculine and feminine energies, the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (end) energeis. These templates/energy is held by Wywyvsil and Our Lady of the Light, who sit on either side of God.

I am working with the Mother/Father God, Wywyvsil and Our Lady of the Light who work to bring light codes, divine templates for all who are ready.

On this workshop each person will receive a powerful blessing and
initiation from the pure light of source. Each person’s body, energy, DNA will be purified and activated and go through an upgrade to the new Christos and Sophia templates coming in now.

In addition to this:
-you will learn how to merge and become one with your higherself.
-learn how to work with the new divine manifesting energies to align with and bring forward the gifts from the Mother/Father creator energy.
-Learn how to access simply and easily the 5th, 6th & 7th dimensional energies through using the multidimensional aspects of your heart.
-learn how to really bring and experience more love, joy and bliss in your life.
-learn how to awaken your I Am Presence, your pure divine spark within.
-shift into the perfect divine alignment for you and your pathway.
-experience divine union and the most beautiul connection your higherself and Mother/ Father God.
-Truly understand what the divine masculine and feminine energies are.
-and much much more.

New Workshops to be held in 2021.



Contact Details:
Scott Grant 07723313005