Lemurian Light Codes Healing Session

If you have been guided to this page you are ready to go on a sacred healing, transformational journey to work with Lemurian council of light, light codes and sacred rays. Lemuria was a very advanced civilisation, which is now to be found in Telos, The Lemurian city of light underneath Mount Shasta California.  Each being was at the 7th dimension and above and worked with the pure light of the I Am Presence and worked very closely with Lady Gaia.  

Within each of us there is the pure light of creation. this light is what is the source of our Inner child, which is the gateway to our true soul essence. Each session will take you on a journey to awaken this and connect you with your pure crystalline innerchild, enabling you to access your true soul essence and understand who you truly are.


What to expect from this course:
-to experience the true power of source light and this is to connect to the sacred heart ray of love.
-Connect to your Lemurian knowledge, wisdom and gifts.

-connect with your Lemurian past lives.

-connect to the light codes of Lemuria.

-Connect and work with the divine grace.

-connect to your pure divine light essence within.

-each person will go through a breaking down, transmutation of their old energy matrix, to reveal their inner source light essence of pure light.

-you will learn how to connect and work with your inner divine power, this is very different from your inner ego created power. As divine power grows your ego becomes diminished as the structure becomes broken down.

-This journey will take you to connect with who you are beyond your ego limitations and personality structure created through your physical experience here on Earth. You will experience your true divine nature, your pure soul essence/higher divine inner child and become aware of your divine nature.

-Your body, mind, soul, chakras, lightbodies, DNA and cells will go through a complete rebirth and divine awakening leaving you feeling like a completely different person from when you came into the workshop..

-You will go through a profound clearing of the ancestral, genetic, mental, emotional and physical patterns from this or any other lifetime.

-feel enfolded with love through out the workshop, so you feel safe during your journey to connect with yourself.
-develop a wonderful loving connection to your guides.
-come away feeling empowered about the techniques you have been taught and how you can use them to transform your life.

-develop the most profound loving bond and connection to yourself, inner child and higherself.

-learn how to shift into the 4th & 5th dimensional frequencies.
-Experience what if feels like to step outside of the busy mind to a place of peace and love. And learn just how easy this is to do again and again and again.

-reclaim any soul fragments to feel whole and complete in yourself.

-feel empowered and more complete in yourself.
-heal and release blockages in your heart stopping you from feeling happy in yourself.

-be shown, practice and be given meditations and techniques that help you to feel happier and more positive in yourself.
-connect more deeply with yourself, so you have a better understanding of who you are.

-leave in a state of bliss and joy.

And much much more.

Each Zoom/Skype session costs £55.55  and lasts 1 hour.