Cosmic Shift Awakening of the Sacred Heart and the Ego

It is with great excitement and love I say thank you to all of the wonderful light workers here on this planet who are working so hard to help the planet and beings on it to ascend. Each of you have played a very special role in this process. There are more awakened masters on this planet at this time than ever before, some being very advanced and others still in their infancy. Through all of your hard work it has brought you all to a point that I am able to activate and awaken on the 24th of May 2017 the Sacred Heart of the Planet and the Sacred Heart within each of you to the highest level in thousands of years.

The Sacred Heart is the point infinity through which everything is created within the Universe through love. I gave to each of you this very special gift, which is within each of you. Once activated and awakened to a certain point, you become awakened to your highest divine potential and work from the place of love and compassion with everything you do. The Sacred Heart once awakened within brings you into alignment with divine Oneness through love and your focus changes from being about the individual, to being one about the whole, global oneness. As the Sacred Heart becomes activated with each of you will become more aligned with the infinite power of love. And as this happens your old 3rd dimensional patterns will become very clear to you. And when your focus is anything, but about love and compassion for yourself and others you will feel limited and blocked in yourself. As the Universal flow will cease to flow through you. The Universal flow in the 5th dimension and above is unconditional love. It has only been over the last few years that you are able to easily work with the 5th dimension. In this dimension money changes to love, the term money is a very 3rd dimensional idea and terminology and is one centred around greed, materialism and the individual pursuit of the dream life. This old mindset in the Sacred Heart energy will only limit you as an infinite being of light. The 3rd dimensional idea of wealth feeds the inner and outer ego and creates division and separation in the world. The ego is anything which is not unconditional love. The ego is created through the spirits experience of the lower dimensions in and out of the physical form.

There is a new ego identity and it is one of spirituality and this is very strong on the planet at the moment. This has come about through the individual pursuit of spiritual identity without really developing the 4th dimension self-love and the 5th dimension global love through oneness. Each of you have in your divine blueprint the ability to make this planet a beautiful 5th dimensional Utopia. This cannot be unlocked while you are comparing yourself to others, seeing your spiritual business as in competition with someone else, or thinking that your spiritual practices makes you better or worse than someone else. It is only unlocked through the development of self-love, which then opens you up to Global oneness through love. There is not you and I, there is only one. Each of you are divinely connected through a divine thread. Until you realise that if I am not loving and accepting every person, experience as a gift, and instead of judging and worrying about my life, saying thank you and choosing to love and rejoice in this wonderful experience, you will never know heaven here on Earth. And never know the freedom of experiencing the true meaning of divine Joy, which Is a natural state of being away from what you have achieved, created, own or your spiritual identity. Through identification in a 3rd dimensional and lower 4th dimensional sense you create separation and create mind constructs similar to that of scaffolding around a house. And over time this scaffolding becomes so dense that no spiritual flow or guidance can get through.

The old patterns of trying, using the mind to create is now just about to come to end and we are going to move into the time of the infinite, the time of the Sacred Heart. When you use your mind to create anything, you create a mind construct, which acts like barriers to you being open to and allowing for the full flow of the Universe to flow through. Anything created through the mind will never be higher than the lower 4th dimension, as the mind is no higher than this dimension. So how can it allow for the flow of infinite abundance through love to flow through to you?
The Sacred Heart energy for some of you will challenge your whole mindsets and belief system. It is incredible how many of you still rely to a great extent on mind constructs to create your reality, or interpret and view your reality.

The Sacred Heart energy highlights within each person what is going on within you that is stopping this divine flow from happening. And as the energy becomes very strongly formed within you, you will find that what you found easy to do in the mind, will become increasingly hard to do, almost impossible as you as you will feel that you are blocked in yourself. No amount of healing on its own will remove your patterns completely, this is something that has to be done by becoming the master observer of yourself and your reality, quietening your mind where you are no longer at the behest of your reality, but a true master observer of it away from the drama.

The true calling for each of you now is to master yourselves to a point where you are no longer affected by what is going on around you. As you are centred in your heart and at peace within, and work from a place of unconditional love and compassion. And this great gift of the Sacred Heart will be awakened within each of you to give you a helping hand in this process. The awakening of the Sacred Heart will not do the job of mastering your patterns, but will highlight to you what is important now for you to change within yourself so you can fully awaken to infinite potential of the divine within. To experience the joyous bliss within the mind has to be deconstructed. Much of this has already been done through the various shifts and practices that many of you use. Each of you have the potential within you far beyond what most of you can comprehend at this time. Do not see what is coming as a chore, but more see it as revealing the most wonderful gift of the infinite within. I am ready and looking forward to working with all those who take this opportunity to really move forward and bring the world back to global oneness through love.