Higherself CD

I am being guided to offer these CDs as many people at this time are feeling lost and unsure about their spiritual pathway and about their connection to their higherselves. Understanding who you are really helps you understand why you are here. Each CD will contain the channelled pure light of your Higherself. Your higherself can be an ascended master, Angel, Sirian, Pleiadean, Lyran, Arcturian and any of the many masters of light in this or any other Universe. It will act as a wonderful spiritual tool to align you with your I Am Presence and your higher divine pathway. You will come to know yourself, inner child, which is your pure soul essence and your higherself in a much more beautiful and profound way. Each CD takes 2 hours to make and contains a guided meditation, music and crystal singing bowls.  

Each person will also receive channelled message from your higherself and 2 CDs or downloads.
What to expect from each CD:
-2 hour long CDs. The first one contains a guided meditation to connect with and meet your higherself, beautiful music and crystal singing bowls. The 2nd CD contains the energy of your higherself, beautiful music and crystal singing bowls, this is so you can listen to the CD and be enveloped in the beautiful energy of your higherself without having to follow any guidance. Each CD acts as a gateway to your higherself.
-This CD will contain the pure light of your soul and will act as a gateway to connect to your soul pathway and higher divine gifts.
-This CD will help to remove any blockages and issues that you may be having at this time currently holding you back or limiting you in anyway.
-This CD will help you balance, activate and awaken each of your chakras lightbodies, cells and DNA so that you feel much light, positive in yourself and experience much more joy in your everyday life.
-help to heal you to develop your psychic abilities and awaken any latent gifts that you may have.
-you will also receive guidance from your higherself/guides that you need at this time on your spiritual pathway.
-develop a deep and profound loving bond with yourself, inner child and higherself.
-you will also receive techniques to use to help with any healing processing you go through.
-you will also receive grounding, and a protection technique to help you with the current energy shifts and also the opening up changes you will go through from the listening to the CD once a day.

These are download only and are £77.