Atlantean Higher Council healing 1to1

Thank you for taking the time to go through this information. If you are drawn to this page then there is a part of you that is being guided to reconnect to your Atlantean heritage, energy past lives. This can be for many reasons to heal Atlantean blockages and trauma from the fall of Atlantis, recoonect to your Atlantean hertigate-pastlives, awaken your divine Atlantean gifts or work with the Atlanteans to get you ready for the Golden age that we are working towards on this planet. It could be one or many of these things. 

What is the Golden Age in Atlantis, The Crystalline Grid and how is that relevant now?

The crystalline grid is another name for the divine structure that was held by many pure light beings such as, Archangels, Star and Galactic masters, such as, Arcturians, and Ascended masters. This grid was created to create a crystalline dome of pure 5th dimensional light at the time of Atlantis. This allowed the Atlanteans to exist in a state of pure love joy consciousness at the time of this very evolved spiritual era. Why is this relevant now? We are once again moving towards a time of great awakening and another Golden Age. The term Golden Age refers to the Gold light that was very prevalent at the time of Atlantis, this is the highest form of Pure love.


What to expect from a session:

-heal present and past life trauma, issues.

-heal inner child trauma and pain.

-activate and awaken your heart to the heart consciousness like it was in Atlantis.

-reconnect to your knowledge, wisdom and gifts from Atlantis.

-reconnect to your Atlantean heritage

-heal Atlantean blockages and trauma from the fall of Atlantis

-to work very closely with the Atlantean higher council and reconnect to your Atlantean family.

-Live from a place of pure joyous love.

-be guided by the Atlanteans to help you transform yourself and your life.

-Receive codes from the Atlanteans.

-Connect with and work with the crystalline grid.

-activate and awaken your heart to the Jewel of the Lotus frequency of pure 4th & 5th dimensional love.

-Activate your chakras and light bodies as they were in Atlantis.

-Be activated by the Galactic Federation of light, Ein Soph-council of Light, Archangels and Ascended Masters, Metatron & Thoth. These are the wonderful beings who helped create and hold the crystaline grid of Atlantis.-be given the master codes of Atlantis.

-Healing and remove any blockages within you stopping you connecting

with and working with crystaline grid energy of Atlantis.

-learn how to connect to the heart energy of Atlantis.

-awaken within the divine source light that you are.

-open yourself up to receive that which you deserve through developing a powerful connection with Hollow Earth, Lady Gaia and Sandalphon and other wonderful beings of light.

-develop a stronger connection to your soul essence.

-develop a stronger connection to your higherself.

-and much much more.

Each session costs £55.55 and lasts 1 hour.