Arcturians are the guardians of our galaxy. And the highest beings that we can work with at this time. They are the Architects of our galaxy. Some of the Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim and other advanced beings of light we work with and know of are Arcturians. They come to teach us many things and hold all of the information about this Universe. They are the gate keepers and guardians. Arcturians are 12 dimensional and connect with the 13 dimension of the divine mother and father.

Their energy comes from the central sun of Metatron, this is the purest form of light in the Universe. A space from which everything comes into being and is created. The Great Central Sun is the 13 dimensional realm of the divine Father and Mother source creation energy. This is the highest energetic expression of the flower of life. Arcturians create and work with the crystalline grid that connects all things in the Universe. They create the framework in which the Universe works and ascends.

They are master healers and are coming forward very strongly at this time to help each of us connect and merge with our I Am Presence light, this is our pure divine spark, our divine blueprint as created at our divine birth.

Each healing session will help to connect with you and shift your alignment, chakras, lightbodies, cells and DNA into a higher frequency and restructure you energy matrix back to that of your divine bluprint. This will help to heal and transform you on all levels of your being

What to expect from a session:

-be awakened to your highers divine potential.

-heal physical, emotional, mental and and spiritual issues.

-awaken your I Am Presence within.

-restore your energy matraix back to its true divine form.

-align with your higher divine pathway.

-awaken and activate each of your chakras and lightbodies.

-shift you into alignment your higher divine pathway and higherself.

-activate your Mer Ka Ba.

-strenghen your connection to the great central sun.

-and much much more.

A healing session lasts one hour and costs £55.55 and lasts 1 hour.