Heartfulness sessions

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The true state of happiness and contentment comes when we are in alignment with our hearts. As opposed to the duality of the mind. In our hearts we can be free from the business of our minds and also move beyond our self-limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns. 


The natural state for happiness, abundance and prosperity is working from a place of love and being in your heart. In our society we have become very mind focused and so have lost this connection. In Heart Alignment Therapy I work with you to bring you back into alignment with your heart so you develop a stronger loving bond with yourself. And so feel complete as a person in yourself and so can then truly feel within yourself what your heart 's desires, rather than the duality of the mind. This helps us in all areas of our lives from creating a deeper loving bond with others to manifesting your hearts desires. 


Any change outwardly starts with an internal shift. We cannot expect to have a loving bond with someone else when we do not have this with ourselves. How deeply another person connects with us is determined by the depth to which we love ourselves. So therefore, if you do not love yourself unconditionally then you will not be able to do this for another.  



When we start to connect and create a loving bond with ourselves our confidence automatically grows to. As in a state of loving onesself we transcend the confusion once created by our past experiences where we lived from the duality of the mind. This is because the mind/brain has two sides, each side is the opposite to the other. So when we work from the mind we can be in two minds as to what direction to go in at times. In the heart you will not have that problem.  


What to expect from each session:

-Be gently taken on a healing journey that ultimately helps you to develop stronger loving bonds with yourself and others. 

-be given advice and techniques that both help empower you and feel better in yourself. 

-will develop confidence. 

-will feel empowered. 

-Overcome old patterns and blockages that have limited you in the past. 

-be in love with the amazing person that you are. 

-create and manifest the wonderful life you deserve.

-be in the space in yourself to attract a wonderful partner. 

-develop stronger loving bonds with other people. 

-have a more rich and fullfilling life. 


In the space of the heart you will know only oneness as the heart is complete in itself energetically. 



Each Skype session lasts one hour and costs 55.55




Person to person session costs £55.55




Please contact me for details. I look forward to hearing from you.