12/12 Sacred Templates of Creation workshop

12/12 presents each of us with a very special opportunity to connect, receive and embody the Golden templates of creation on our journey to becoming the embodiment of the divine light of creation and master creators in alignment with our true God essence. This will strengthen your connection to your higherself, monad, starseed lineage and our ability to heal and create Like our God essence, our Divine I Am presence. This doesn't mean it will happen just because it is coming through the shift, it means with the right alignment and being in a profound space of surrender and letting go you could really shift into a very special space and alignment moving beyond this limitation of the ego mind, structure and form. I have been given a very special one day workshop to help with receiving these sacred templates, keys and codes coming forward on this very special day.


12/12 is the next stage in the sacred golden divine templates of creation for Earth being anchored here on Earth and with the right space and energy this could help each person to strengthen their higher divine connection to their higherself, monad, starseed lineage, God.

It presents humanity with the first time to make the shifts that have been talked about in the legend of the 144,000 global shift. It brings in the next part of the sacred template to allow humanity to help with this shift. This was said to come in 2012, but this was the start of the shift, not the year that it would happen. Now the New Dawn like that in Atlantis started with the anchoring of the New Golden Dawn energy of the Golden Age of Aquarius on Fbruary this year.

What to expect:
-to be bathed in the energy of crystal singing bowls.
-work with the 12 councils of light The Arcturians, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Sirians, Angels, Lyrans, Pleiadeans and many more.
-Receive healing on all levels of your being to enable you to receive the Golden Templates of divine light.
-connect more strongly with your higherself, monad and God.
-connect with your sacred starseed lineage.
-shift closer to or for some of you into the 5th, 6th & 7th dimensional higher alignments and connections.
-heal deep innerchild issues.
-heal physical ailments.
-heal past and present life trauma and issues.
-heal ancestral patterning, parental imprints.
-remove ego structures, frameworks, patterns and templates.
-and much much more.

This workshop will be from the comfort of your own home.

This workshop is online from 10am-17.00pm

 on the 12/12/21. The workshop costs £55.


Contact Details:
Scott Grant 07723313005