Starseed/Celestial Lineage Online 6 part Course

Every Lightworker is multidimensional in nature, this means that you not only working in many different dimensions at once, but are also connected to many different constellations, planets and sometimes even galaxies. Each person’s spiritual journey from the beginning until now is far more fascinating than you could possibly imagine. You may of lived in the Pleiades for many lifetimes, and then Sirius, Arcturus, you may have lived in the Andromeda a galaxy with many of the very advanced almost God like beings which we have become worshipped like Gods here on Earth. Each person is also made up of various light from Ascended masters, Archangels, Arcturians. I will teach you about where your journey has taken you. Did you know that some of the Archangels even have has their own planets, constellations or stars and this may be where you were first brought into creation. The journey of remembering who you are and your divine origins is very exciting and the angels, ascended masters and star and galactic beings will take you on this wonderful journey over the course of the course.

What to expect:
Learn about your genetic lineage.
-learn about your past lives through out the Universe.
-Learn about your divine origins.
-learn about your different higherselves.
-learn about the rays of light that you are working with now and the ones you have worked with in the past.
-Be activated to the divine codes of your higher conscious lives.
-remember who you are as an ascended master of light.
-have your DNA activated and programmed to that of your divine source light I am presence.
-awaken to your higher divine potential.
-Heal and present or past life issues currently holding you back or limiting you in anyway.
-receive guidance as to the best course of action to take now.
-develop a profound loving bond and connection to your inner child-your pure soul essence.
- develop a profound loving bond and connection to your higherself, 144 soul group and monad.
-learn about your light quotient both in the physical and spiritual.
-Learn why you are here and what you are here to do.
-learn about what divine gifts you may be bitthing at this time.
-and much much more.

This is course will be a life changing course for all those who attend. As I write this I am surrounded by various masters of light from many different realms and understandings. They are very excited at the prospect of this course and what it will bring for all of those who join for this wonderful journey. I am very excited about this course and what transformations people with go through.

I look forward to going on this journey with all who attend. For more information please contact me for details.

The course is 6 weeks long and is £150.

Payment link:
The course starts on Wednesday the 20th of June and is made up of 6 sessions that are held on every other wednesday for 12 weeks. There are only 4 places left on the course so please book early to get a place.

Contact details:
Scott Grant