Soul Path Reading 

For each one of us 2016 is an exciting year. We will in this year have more opportunities to align with our highers spiritual soul pathways/timelines. These readings will help you to better understand yourself, your pathway and your gifts and reasons for being here at this time. I do these readings by phone or by Skype. Each reading is 1 hour and is recorded. Each session costs £55.55 (discounts given for those who feel drawn for a session, but can't afford the full price) and lasts about 1 hour.


What to expect from a reading:

-Learn about your spiritual pathway.

-Learn what your spiritual gifts are.

-Be given practices and techniques.

-Find out what may be limiting youor holding you back.

-Talk directly with your higherself & guides. 

-Be guided along your spiritual pathway.

-Receive a healing and learn what needs to be released at this time. 

Heart Chakra, 12 Chakras CD - Scott Grant
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