What is a starseed, why am I here and how knowing this can make sense of your current pathway?


The one thing I get asked repeatedly for my lovely friends and clients is where am I from? Now ultimately each person comes from Source/God, created to experience and evolve our consciousness through various incarnations and experiences in this and other galaxies to realise our true divine nature a master of creation, in essence a God. This begs the question do we ultimately have the same powers as God herself, that is a big question and not one I will fully address here. Needless to say that each of us have abilities way beyond anything most of us can comprehend while still very limited by the mind (ego) construct, which does still exist in the 5th dimension. Once we move beyond the mind and start to truly work with and embody the light of the 6th & 7th dimensions we move into formlessness. This moves us to a state of the infinite expanded consciousness of all that it. In this state we align with the first level of the pure light of God, the I Am presence. In this state we start to truly understand our true divine natures and also tap into the pure frequency of miracles through love and compassion.


Are Starseeds, light workers & Earth Angels the same thing?

First lets start with what each one is and then go from there. An incarnated Starseed has a very strong connection to the stars in this galaxy and beyond, in fact every person on this planet is made up of star dust, each person on this planet would have had previous lives on other planets, stars, solar systems, constellations and in other galaxies. No being on this will start on the Earth, believe it or not to be here on this planet at this time you have to be at least at the level of the 5th dimensional consciousness. Something, which takes time and experience for the consciousness to evolve to that level. A starseed will feel drawn to certain stars, planets and constellations and will have memories of life on other planets as well as this one, that is of course if you are not new to this planet.


A lightworker is a being who carries the light, or a particular ray or rays of Gods divine light here on Earth to help with the ascension process and to help other lightworkers to remember who they are here on Earth.


An Earth angel is a being here on Earth who is in the higher realms an angel and is here on Earth embodying that light to do the higher divine work of the angels to help humanity.

I could of course go into much more details about this, but I don’t want to make it too long. And I will follow up with much more in-depth information on each of these subjects.


Now the question is are some people just starseeds, lightworkers and or earth angels? The answer is each person is multidimensional, multi-faceted and muti layered, meaning that each of us are all of these things.


How can this be? You, me are not only the semi-conscious human that is reading this article, but have higher divine aspects, which will be connected to a ascended master, have a Pleiadean, Sirian, Andromedan lineage, also we will connect through to maybe an Archangel/Seraphim, which is our monad. Each of the Archangels that we know of are much more than we know, and have their own Stars/planets, where you or I may have first come into existence. So in answer to this question-each of us can be either a starseed, lightworker and Earth angel depending at any one given time to our focus, alignment and level of awareness.


For each of us we are on journey of remembering who we truly are. To truly understand ourselves, we have to understand who our higherself is, our starseed lineage, our angelic connection. Only through this connection and level of awareness can we truly make sense of this journey, which can be both difficult and confusing at times.


Each of us are awakening on this planet at a starling rate. We are opening up to past lives of Egypt, Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis. This is because we are moving towards what is known as the Golden age, which was experienced in each of these civilisations at one time or another.


Dear brother and sister lightworkers, I know that at the moment the shifts you are going through are both challenging and very difficult at times. You are never alone, you have an army of beautiful divine beings at your side at all times ready to help, all you have to do is ask for help and it will come. Sending all of the my brother and sister light workers so much love at this time.


For anyone who would like to learn more about their starseed/celestial lineage I do run workshops, courses and do 1to1s. Please feel free to contact me for more details.