Sacred Heart Healing Level 1

Join me for a weekend of transformational healing and reconnecting to the blissful energy of the creator energy. We are in a very special time where we can experience the divine bliss union with the sacred Heart energy of the divine mother and father energy. As we move to connect with the 4th and 5th dimensions we are given a unique opportunity to once again connect very easily with our divine I am presence. This is the highest divine expression of who we are as spiritual beings. 

This course is to activate within you the sacred heart of the creator healing energy, the highest divine expression of healing, love and compassion in the Universe. Each person who comes on this course will go on a wonderful journey of divine union with source energy. 


What to expect from the course:

-Crystals singing bowls sound bath on Each day.

-Be attuned to the frequency of the Universal Archangel's of love & abundance Mother Mary  and Raphael and the divine mother/father Sacred Heart healing energy.

-Have your energy restructured so your focus is from the heart and radiate love.

-experience a divine bliss union with the divine creator and angels.

-become a vessel and channel for the divine love of the Archangel Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael energy.

-activate and awaken your Heart chakra and third eye and embody and anchor your divine vision and abundance power within.

-become a channel of the pure healing energy of the divine mother and father.

-Learn about the new way of miracle manifesting and healing from the heart.-develop a deeper loving bond with yourself, inner child and higherself.

-feel happier and experience a sense of oneness.

-heal the trauma and past life karma from years of persecution, allowing you to connect to higherself and the divine creator energy

-connect with your higherself and divine creator and experience a feeling of completeness.

-activate each of the your chakras and light bodies to the frequency of the flower of life.

-Have your orignal source code activated and

-activate your divine blueprint, divine I am presence.

-feel a deep and strong connection to your monad.

-activate your Mer Ka Ba and learn how to protect yourself through programming your Mer Ka Ba.

-Go on a sacred journey into the chalice well and glastonbury Tor on 2 separate days where you with be attuned and actiavted in these sacred spaces. 


As we ascend and move into a higher dimensional space of experience we become more connected to the divine mother and father of the Universe. The divine mother and father are coming forward to connect with us to create our divine trinity blissful union of Inner child, divine mother and father.  This course is to help develop this connection. 


Our divine potential as spiritual beings is far beyond that of what most of us can comprehend, let alone imagine. In this 2 day course we will return to the divine blissful union with our creators. We will be reconnected and reunited to our divine creators, giving us an experience of the purest love that each of us yearn from our divine parents.


In many life-times we have experienced trauma & persecuted some of which because of what faith we held within ourselves. This has damaged our faith and belief  in what and who we are as infinite beings of light and out amazing potential. This course is to heal this trauma and karma and to develop the divine bliss connection we once had with our creator.


This course is to bring back in harmony within us our divine masculine and feminine energy. The balance of masculine and feminine energies is fundamentally important if you want to feel complete in ourselves. The masculine energy is very often misrepresented as the male patriarchal energy of the church, but this masculine ego and this is about control and manipulation, not loving and compassion.   


The creation energy that creates everything and everyone in the Universe is both masculine and feminine in nature. Although, these energies are not separate entities, but are the completeness of the divine creation energy.


A new era and paradigm is upon us one of living from the heart and not the duality of the mind.



The attunements you will receive create for a new divine matrix within you so you naturally live from the heart. This is a natural process of developing a closer link with the divine mother and father, the more your energy mimics theirs.


The attunements also help create with us the abundance consciousness and awareness of the divine. This is abundance through love and moving from seeing money from a 3rd dimension fear and greed space, to a 5th dimensional love space. In the 5th dimension money is an exchange of love. And so comes with love, grace, gratitude and ease.


The depth of love that you will carry after this course will be one that totally transform you and your life. For anyone who has ever worked with the divine mother and father energy this will allow you to create a much deeper and beautiful bond.


The wonderful course is held on the 19th & 20th of Novermber Sat & Sun. 

It will be held in the beautiful Butley, which is next to Glastonbury, and connected to the the heart centre energy of Glastonbury. The workshop is being held in a Giant Beautiful yurt. This is a very beautiful place with the most amazing energy, a wonderful place to hold a workshop about connecting and working with the heart energy of the divine Mother and father energy. 




Course costs £222 (concessions given please ask).


Can pay full payment £222.



Can pay deposit, which is none refundable £111. 








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