12 Chakras CD



This CD works to bring into balance and harmony all of the 12 chakras. It does this by raising the frequency of the energy within the chakras.  Bringing to the surface what needs to be healed by the angels working with these bowls. I asked before recording each of the bowls that the Archangel responsible for working with the chakra added their beautiful energy to the recording. This has produced a wonderful result and a truly amazing CD.  Here is a list of what of what you can expect from these CDs: 


 -Balance the chakras. 


 -Helps to strengthen the 12 DNA strands that attach to each of the chakras. 


 -Create an opening in yourself that allows for the angels to come in and heal you on whatever level it is needed. 


-Heal you on all levels physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. 


 -Connect you to each of the Archangels working with the chakras. 


 -Open you up and raise your vibration. 


 -Highlighting yourself what needs to be worked on at this time. 


 -Help to create a balance within yourself,-unblock your chakras. 


 -Help you to integrate the energies coming in to work with you at this time. 


 -Create a feeling of harmony and balance. 


 -Raise your vibration so you feel lighter and happier in yourself. 


 -Connect you to your higherself. 


 -Bring you into balance with the cosmic harmony of the Universe. 


 -Create a feeling of oneness. 


You can listen the 3 of the chakras on the music player in this window, enjoy. 


Once you have purchased your CD I will send it out from my office in 3 days from purchase. How long it will take to get to you will depend on where you are located. It can take 1-2 weeks if you in America, Africa, New Zealand and places like that. 


If you purchase the download I will send out your download link by email to you within 2 days from purchase. 



Cost of CDs:


-CD UK + P&P £13.00





-CD Europe + P&P £14.00 





-CD International + P&P £15.00





-CD Download £8.00





Below are 2 of the tracks on the CDs:


Heart chakras.


Soul Star chakra.


Love and Light 


Scott Grant






My journey with crystal singing bowls has been an exciting and interesting one to say the least. It all started with a wonderful gift of a crystal singing bowl for the Third Eye chakra for my birthday. From there I have travelled far and wide buying another 11 crystal singing bowls that I was guided by my higherself to purchase. This journey has brought me to this point with a CD I am truly love. This is because of the quality of sound and the wonderful frequencies captured in it. The response I have from the people who have purchased the CD has been great:



Dear Scott
Little did I know what a treasure I held in my hands: A sonic shower to cleanse me and restore balance as I struggle between the past and my potential, together with the harmonic resonance which enables me to lift my vibrations to access my souls Blue Print.  Your CD is a vehicle which enables me to explore the myriad possibilities of my soul - a true gift!  Thank you.
Dawn x
































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