Scott is a Healer, Psychic, Sound Healer, Angelic Reiki master teacher, Workshop facilitator and founder of Sacred Heart Healing, Arcturian Healing, Heart Alignment Therapy and Body Energy Mapping


Scott has used his gifts as a psychic to work with many individuals over the past 17 years as a spiritual guidance counsellor and spiritual coach.

As well a working with people on a 1-2-1 basis he is also a workshop facilitator teaching, meditation, psychic development, Usui & Angelic Reiki healing, as well as workshops and techniques he has been lucky enough to channel himself, such as Sacred Heart healing and Arcturian healing, Body Energy Mapping and Heart Alignment therapy.  

Scott is also a  sound healer and works with 12 quartz crystal singing bowls to create beautiful sound baths. Scott discovered the power of sound healing therapy through using tuning forks and the crystal singing bowls over the past 5 years.  He recognises the power of these to heal on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He has been creating a regular weekly sound bath session for the past 2 years in his home of Glastonbury which has been extremely popular.

Scott creates a sacred safe space for people to come and relax and be taken on a journey within with the healing sound of the bowls.

Scott has written many transformational workshops and self-help articles over the last 16 years and understands spiritual development and our individual journey with this in a very complete way.

He has also studied and practices chakra psychology, energy medicine, Chi Kung, acupressure, massage and anatomy and physiology, CBT, EFT and holds a degree in Psychology. All these practices have given him many additional skills and tools to use to help others transform their lives.


Scott understands that any one practice and technique can be limited, but when you combine many different practices then you have a comprehensive healing modality for each individual.

Scott has a very high level of understanding the human mind, body and the energy systems.  He understands how these work and works very closely with his guides, ascended masters, angels and other beings who are masters of light. In each 1-2-1 session you will be given information and techniques to use that empower you to continue developing yourself once the session is over.

Scott works from his heart and creates a loving and sacred space for people to learn, heal, develop and grow in.

Scott can assist in many areas of your spiritual development and healing including helping you to:

-Connect to and work with your guides.

-Connect and work with your higher self.

-Connect with and work with Angels, Arcturians and Ascended masters.

-Find out and develop your spiritual gifts.

-Find out your soul purpose for being here at this time.

-Let go of and release and transform present and past life trauma.

-Identify and release the root causes and heal physical problems.

-Learn to to work with and overcome anxiety, nervousness and depression.

-Be empowered, feel more confident  and create and attract the life you always wanted.

-Love yourself and have better relationships.

-Manifest a wonderful, fun filled life.

-Connect and work with source light.

-Feel happier and more positive in yourself.

-Connect with and develop connection with Source Light.

-Develop your psychic gifts.

-Be encoded by the Codes of Atlantis.

-Reconnect with your past lives in Atlantis and Lemuria.

-Live and work from your heart. 

-Activate your 12 chakras light bodies.

-Remove any negative, third dimensional energy.

"There is a global shift in consciousness happening on this planet at this time. Every person is affected by this change. The amount of impact this has on each person varies, but it has a significant affect. I have studied and practised for 20 years to help people going through the ascension process here on Earth. With the right healing, guidance & techniques and practices you can totally transform yourself and your life.

You can book a free 15 minute consultation via the 'Contact' link. We can discuss whether I can be of any help to you at this time.  Or you can send me an email interdimensionalhealing@yahoo.co.uk or give me a call 07723313005 with any queries that you have. I am only too pleased to answer your questions. 

My aim is too empower people so they can develop to their highest potential and awaken their gifts."

Love and Light






















































" I have been working with Scott for about a year now and if I were to glance back at the person I was then, a year ago, I would struggle to relate to every bit of her now.
Guided by spirit, Scott facilitates your healing at the right time and pace. He has enormous knowledge and is a great teacher. With patience and kindness he uses techniques including meditation and visualisation, which then guide you to how you can repair, change and transform. He walks his talk and is a lovely light filled soul. I am truly grateful for the help and inspiration he brings to me." Helen 

"I first met Scott when he held an evening for my group, Spiritual Pathways, myself and the other members were blown away with how he played the singing bowls and we all experienced a powerful journey and a peaceful sense of balance. Since then Scott has supported my many endeavours and my own spiritual growth, as a mentor, I find him one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met on my own personal path. His 'Mastering Your Divine I Am Presence Connection' online course is second to none !!! I greatly look forward to my continuing lessons with Scott. Love Rachael. xxxx"