Master Codes of Atlantis

Level 1 Workshop 

This is  is a very special and important and auspicious time for light workers at a certain point here on Earth, with our energy being in the perfect alignment for high divine activation and download of codes. It is now that the Galactic federation of light come forward to activate many of the DNA and codes, which have been downloaded into light workers of light here at this time here on Earth.  This is a very special time and will see transformations in people unprecedented before this time for those alive on this planet at this time. It will be akin to the first and 2nd wave energies, only more powerful. The reason that it is more powerful, is that up until now people have been receiving the downloading of their divine codes, but now is the time when they start to become properly activated.


2016 is a very exciting turning point in the transformation of the planet and for the ascension of those here on Earth at this time. Each one of us are being presented with a unique opportunity to connect with the Atlantean energy and codes in a very special way. I have been encouraged to hold workshops in Glastonbury and London and also online, to help those who are ready to make this shift to access, embody and awaken their Atlantean master codes and align once again with their Atlantean time lines.


I was approached by the Ein Soph and Galactic Federation of Light to channel and run these workshops. These are the masters of light who helped to create and hold the crystalline grid of Atlantis.


What to expect from the course:

-To connect with your past lives in Atlantis.

-Align with your time lines from Atlantis.

-Activate your chakras and light bodies as they were in Atlantis.

-Be activated by the Galactic Federation of light, Ein Soph-council of Light, Archangels and Ascended Masters, Metatron & Thoth. These are the wonderful beings who helped create and hold the crystaline grid of Atlantis.-be given the master codes of Atlantis.

-Healing and remove any blockages within you stopping you connecting

with and working with crystaline grid energy of Atlantis.

-awaken your gifts, knowledge and wisdom from Atlantis.

-reconnect to your gifts. knowledge and wisdom of Atlantis.

-learn how to connect to the heart energy of Atlantis.

-awaken within the divine source light that you are.

-open yourself up to receive that which you deserve through developing a powerful connection with Hollow Earth, Lady Gaia and Sandalphon and other wonderful beings of light.

-develop a stronger connection to your soul essence.

-develop a stronger connection to your higherself.


This is the first of 3 parts as it takes time to assimilate and process the transformations you will go through from each workshop. Some of you are longing for that connection back to the heart consciousness of Atlantis and this course will create for you a blissful connection to that time.


There are only 8 places on each of these workshops so that each person can get time to discuss there experiences and for feedback and channeled information from my guides.


The next level 1 course dates will be posted soon, if you feel drawn to this course please contact me and I will keep you informed of new dates. The online course costs £100 and is limited to 6 people (concessions made).  The workshop in Glastonbury is £150 for the 2 days.


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Love and Light

Scott Grant

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