Transform Your Life

I am very much looking forward to holding my worshop in Southampton. I have always recieved a wonderful reception everytime I have held talks in and around Southampton and always met so many lovely people. In this workshop each person will be taken on a transformational journey to feel more positive, happier and freer in themselves.  


Each person can expect to:

-learn about the 4th and 5th dimension and how to access these states very easily.

Experience what if feels like to step outside of the busy mind to a place of peace and love. And learn just how easy this is to do again and again and again.

Enjoy and experience two crystal singing bowls sound baths.

-activate each of your 12 chakras and layers of your aura.

-reclaim any soul fragments to feel whole and complete in yourself.

-develop a stronger connection with your higherself, inner child and guides.

-connect with the beings from Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Venus, Neptune and Hollow Earth.

-awaken your latent gift, knowledge and wisdom.

-dimension through the use of techniques you will learn.

-take home all the techniques that are given on the workshop.

-feel empowered and more complete in yourself.

-heal and release blockages in your heart stopping you from feeling happy in yourself.

-be shown, practice and be given meditations and techniques that help you to feel happier and more positive in yourself.

-connect more deeply with yourself, so you have a better understanding of who you are.

-leave in a state of bliss and joy.

-learn the secrets to a happy fun filled life.

-feel enfolded with love through out the workshop, so you feel safe during your journey to connect with yourself.

-come away feeling empowered about the techniques you have been taught and how you can use them to transform your life.


I will be holding this workshop with the wonderful Jackie White who will be hosting on the day.


This will be a wonderful day for all who attend. It will be held on the 11th of June at

the Atherley Bowling Club

Hill Lane



SO15 5DB


I look forward to meeting all of the wonderful people I have met at my workshops. The day is £40 and is from 10-5.30pm


Contact details:

Contact Scott on 07723313005.