Post-Natal Healing for Mummy's and Babies

Post-natal healing workshop for mummy's and babies
A 2hr workshop to heal any trauma from birth and pregnancy, to help your little one settle, sleep and feed better, and to help you to assimilate all the changes and demands of motherhood harmoniously .
The workshop will be flexible understanding the unpredictability nature of babies, (please feel free to change and feed whenever needed),
Scott Grant, my partner, ( will hold a crystal singing bowls sound bath specifically tailored for babies, to heal on an energetic and cellular level, we will also be using some meditations and visualisations to help to release trauma.

Scott and I ( both work with angelic reiki and healing modalities.
This workshop was inspired after my traumatic two day labour and emergency c-section and a realisation that some form of post-natal healing is required, and a recognition of the impact Scotts music,  had to help to calm me and the other ladies on the labour ward, as well as the midwifes!


Held in the lovely Kula yoga and Well being studio 2-4pm 10th Sept, £25. 91 St. John's Hill, London SW11 1SY


To reserve a place please use the paypal button below or call CLaire on 07739419435 or email