Online Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Join me for a wonderful journey through your chakras. Be bathed in the beautiful energy of 12 quartz crystal singing bowls each of which resonates with the various chakras, from the comfort of your own home. Over time stress & trauma is built up from our experiences within our body, chakras and aura. This leads to us feeling sad, tired, depressed, angry and negative emotions. Over time the build up of emotional energy eventually manifests physically leading to various problems. Crystal singing bowls work to release these built up stressful emotions, blockages and trauma from your past and present; stopping them manifesting physically.    


Crystal singing bowls do this by raising the frequency of the body and the various chakras and aura. As the frequency raises the heavy stressful energy becomes released from our body, chakras and aura. This enables the body to heal physical, emotional and mental blockages and issues. This leaves you feeling much lighter and more positive in yourself. By the end of your journey with the bowls through your chakras you will feel cleansed, balanced, aligned, lighter and harmonious within yourself.



This is perfect session for anyone feeling stuck at the moment in their life. This is because in one session with the bowls many years of trauma and blockages can be released and healed. I have worked with many techniques, practices and tools, but none have impressed me like the healing effects of crystal singing bowls. 


Scott Grant is an international spiritual teacher, workshop facilitator, sound healer and intuitive life coach. Scott has studied for many years in various practices such as Chi Kung, Tai Chi, NLP, EFT, CBT, BSc Psychology, Yoga, Angelic Reiki & various other healing modalities. This has given him a deep understanding of human body and mind and how to help people overcome their various issues. He holds many workshops all over Europe to help people empower and love themselves.

I look forward to meeting everyone who attends. 




What to expect from the session:

-activate your chakras and light bodies (auric field). 

-Balance, heal and align your chakras and aura,

-cleanse and purify your body, mind, chakras and aura.

-Help heal physical ailments.

-Help heal emotional issues.

-Raise your vibration bringing you closer to the higher spiritual aspect of yourself.

-Align with the your higher divine pathway.

-Release stress helping you feel more positive and optimistic in yourself.

-strengthen your connection to your guides and higherself. 

-Create a feeling of oneness.

-Develop your intuition.

-Open up your heart centre.


For more information please follow the link below and also contact me directly.

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The next sound bath will be on the 30th March 7-8.15pm GMT.







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