On this workshop you will learn:


-how to empower yourself and manifest your perfect life.


-Be given techniques that will transform your life and yourself.


-The importance of gratitude.


-Taking responsibility for your actions and reactions, empowering yourself in doing so.


-Choosing to step into your divine power and change your life into something amazing.


-The importance of self-love and compassion in the manifestation of a life your hearts desires.


-How to return to zero (perfect divine alignment with ease).


-Learn to work from inspiration and be divinely inspired.


-Learn how to manifest the perfect life and relationship for yourself.



This workshop is for all levels, so everyone is welcome. The techniques and content of this workshop will I promise transform you and your life.



This will be a great workshop to prepare you for the coming hyper abundant energies of 2016, where things will really take off in a big way for those who are ready.



In this one day online workshop you will be taught about the sacred chambers of the heart centre. These chambers act as higher dimensional gateways of light that lift you into 4, 5 & 6 dimensional states of being. When we access these chambers it takes us to a state of being beyond our limitations and beliefs. To a place where we feel free, full of love and joyful in ourselves. It really is something that has to be experienced. Once we move beyond our current limiting beliefs we move into a space of miracles and spontaneous healing. 



We are multidimensional beings of light and within us are various dimensions, all we need to learn is how to access these states of being within ourselves. This workshop is to teach you this.



Where our higher spiritual energy is located determines how we feel in ourselves. So by guiding our spirit energy into these sacred chambers really does take us into higher dimensional states in ourselves. 



The many practices we do from meditation, healing, affirmations and so forth allow us to go to these chambers and for a brief time lift out of the stress of life and your self-limiting mind sets. I will teach you how to access and be in these chambers as often as you like. This will help to make your life easier and more harmonious.



Many light workers at the moment are finding it hard with all of the changes that they are going through. Leaving them often feeling very much like their life is out of control. This workshop will teach you to empower yourself and take back charge of your life. The content of this workshop was given to me by my guides to help all of those light workers who are having trouble manifesting and staying in the 4 & 5 dimensional energy of the heart. This workshop brings us back to working from a place of love from our heart space. In this space there is no place for ego or doubt.



Some of the techniques teach you about the importance of getting a balance between the 4th dimension which is Self-love and 5th dimension and above which is about Union with the blissful heart of the divine creator.



Each person over time creates barriers within their own heart to stop themselves being hurt again. The problem with this is that it means you limit your own ability to love and be in love. And when someone gets close to your heart this triggers these blockages and bring up self-sabotage patterns to avoid you dealing with the blockages that you have. Self-sabotaging is very common in modern day relationships and it is one of the quickest ways to ruin a deep and lasting relationship before it gets the chance to fully flourish. We can only fall in love with our partner to the level at which we love ourselves. So this is why it is so important to break down these barriers we have so we can have that amazing relationship that we would love in our lives.



The workshop is on the 1st of May 10-5. The cost of the workshop is £50 (concessions made) and there are only 6 people on the workshop to allow for maximum input and transformation over the 1 days. 




In this two day online interactive workshop you will learn of the importance of manifesting from the heart and learn how to overcome any blockages you may have to manifesting the wonderful life you deserve.



I will teach you techniques that are very transformational in this workshop that will enable to move beyond your self-limiting ideals and beliefs. The techniques you will learn will enable to feel completely free from all of your attachments, stresses and limitations. And this is something you can do for yourself over and over again. I feel very lucky to teach these powerful, life transforming techniques, which are so freeing and empowering to those who learn them.






















Miracle Manifesting & Healing From The Heart Workhop

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