Interdimensional Healing Session

We as humans not only exist in the physical, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual. This means that problems can exist on any one of these levels. So a healing session needs to address and work with the various issues that can exist in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All dis-ease comes from an energetic imbalance whether emotional, mental or spiritual. Once you remove the root energetic cause, such as trauma from your childhood, then the body can heal itself of dis-ease.


Here is what you can expect from this session:

-Connect to and work with your guides.

-Connect and work with your higherself.

-Find out who is working with you.

-Let go of and release and transform present and past life trauma.

-Identify and release the root causes and heal physical problems allowing for physical ailments to heal.

-Develop a stonger bond with your inner child and higherself.

-Be empowered and create and attract the life you always wanted.

-Love yourself and have better relationships.

-Feel more positive and confident in yourself.

-Activate your light bodies and chakras.

-Entity release.

-Cellular regeneration. 


I am very fortunate to work withArchangels, Arcturians, ascended masters and other wonderful masters of the light. Each one has special gifts and works to help transform and heal in their own unique way. So a healing session will be unique to each individual person. 


In Each session you will recieve a healing, guidance and information about yourself and pathway. Also be given techniques which will help with your transformation.


Each session either by phone or Skype lasts 1 hour and costs £44 (discounts given, please ask). 1 to 1 in person is 1 hour and costs £55.00 (discounts given for those who feel drawn for a session, but can't afford the full price) and lasts about 1 hour. I work out of the London, Glastonbury & Devon area  area at this time.