Lemurian Council of Light - Scott Grant
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Welcome to the Divine School of Light. It has been my great pleasure over 19 years to have been of service to my wonderful brother and sisters lightworkers. I have been very blessed to have worked with, and who I now call them my close friends, many wonderful Angels, Ascended Masters, and Star and Galactic masters, Such as the Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Sirians, Atlanteans, Lemurians and the Mother-Father Source creator energy. It has been a wonderful journey, at times joyous and inspirational, but at other times very painful and challenging. As I am sure you will know.


The path of lightworker is one that takes us on a deep journey within to truly heal and let go of the past and connect and merge with our higher divine aspects and anchor this light here on Earth. True ascension is not going up to connect with our higher light, but clearing away the trauma and wounds inside that stop this; and anchoring our divine  light here on Earth. Obviously on this journey there is some deep inner child, shadow/ego work, which needs to be done.


I have for many years trained, practiced and taught how to truly love, accept and heal and transform our ego/shadow aspect. Your ego is alive, conscious and is an extension of your pure essence. When you understand this universal truth, that every person, every aspect of the self is now, and always has been looking to be loved-accepted uncondtionally and understood. And that this all starts within ourselves by developing a deep, strong, loving bond with our inner child and healing innerchild trauma/wounds. The inner child is the Gateway to you soul and is multidimensional and is not only the 3rd dimensional aspect of the self that has been traumatised by the past. There is also the higher divine aspect that is 4th, 5th, 6th , 7th dimensional and higher. Healing the innerchilds wounds is the first step and opens you up to connecting to and embodying the highley evolved, pure higher divine essence that you are. The first step to experiencing the magic and mysteries of your true divine self and the Universe starts with this journey, with the beautiful divine light of your inner child.

Each of us are pure beings of light. A multidimensional master of light. Made up of a higherself, Angelic presence-higher divine aspect and Monad.  The journey of truly understanding your starseed lineage, your higherself, Angelic presence and Monad is one that both profound and beautiful. Once you truly connect to and understand who you are. There is a deep level of acceptance and transformation that occurs when you realise that you are and always have been a being of pure love and light and that you always are connected to source. The mind creates the illusion of separation, but in reality you are always connected and never alone.

There are a number of ways in which I can assist you on your personal journey:

-Healing inner child wounds and issues.

-understand how the ego works, transform and heal this and learn to live from the higher pure dimensions of the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th dimensions.

-Love and accept yourself and have better relationships.

-Manifest a wonderful, fun filled life.

-Connect and work with source light.

-Feel happier and more positive in yourself.

-love yourself and your life and live from a much stronger place of gratitude.

-Connect to and work with your guides.

-Connect and work with your higher self.

-Connect with and work the Atlantean HIgher Council.

-Connect with and work Lemurian Council of Light.

-Connect with and work with Angels, Arcturians and Ascended masters.

-Find out and develop your spiritual gifts.

-Find out your soul purpose for being here at this time.

-Let go of and release and transform present and past life trauma.

-Identify and release the root causes and heal physical problems.

-Learn to to work with and overcome anxiety, nervousness and depression.

-work with and understand your pure divine essence, which is your I Am Presence.

-awaken within your I Am Presence.

-Be empowered, feel more confident  and create and attract the life you always wanted.

-Connect and work with star and galactic masters such as the Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Sirians, Venetians, Lyrons, and many other master star beings.

-Connect with and develop connection with Mother-Father Creator Source Love and Light.

-Develop your psychic gifts.

-Be encoded by the Codes of Atlantis and Lemuria.

-Reconnect with your past lives in Atlantis and Lemuria.

-Live and work from your heart. 

-Activate your 12 chakras light bodies.

-upgrade your 12 chakras, Lightbodies, cells and DNA.

-Remove any negative, third dimensional energy.

"There is a global shift in consciousness happening on this planet at this time. Every person is affected by this change. The amount of impact this has on each person varies, but it has a significant affect. I have studied and practised for 20 years to help people going through the ascension process here on Earth. With the right healing, guidance & techniques and practices you can totally transform yourself and your life.

You can book a free 15 minute consultation via the 'Contact' link. We can discuss whether I can be of any help to you at this time.  Or you can send me an email interdimensionalhealing@yahoo.co.uk or give me a call 07723313005 with any queries that you have. I am only too pleased to answer your questions. 

My aim is too empower people so they can develop to their highest potential and awaken their gifts. And for each person to merge and become one with their higherself. And through ths connection truly awaken to the truth that you are the most beautiful, divine, pure light being with infinite power to create the most beautiful life that you can imagine."

Love and Light

















"I first met Scott when he held an evening for my group, Spiritual Pathways, myself and the other members were blown away with how he played the singing bowls and we all experienced a powerful journey and a peaceful sense of balance. Since then Scott has supported my many endeavours and my own spiritual growth, as a mentor, I find him one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met on my own personal path. His 'Mastering Your Divine I Am Presence Connection' online course is second to none !!! I greatly look forward to my continuing lessons with Scott. Love Rachael. xxxx"

" I have been working with Scott for about a year now and if I were to glance back at the person I was then, a year ago, I would struggle to relate to every bit of her now.
Guided by spirit, Scott facilitates your healing at the right time and pace. He has enormous knowledge and is a great teacher. With patience and kindness he uses techniques including meditation and visualisation, which then guide you to how you can repair, change and transform. He walks his talk and is a lovely light filled soul. I am truly grateful for the help and inspiration he brings to me." Helen